Barack Obama's Gun Grabbing Attorney General

Podcast Show Notes 

The Obama transition: The Fannie Mae connection.  

Obama’s new NSA advisor is a good one.

Tom Daschle: HHS Secretary and lobbyist.

Eric Holder: Behind the Mark Rich pardon and anti-gun. On the positive side: he has a mustache.

Progressives not happy at Obama’s appointments. (Hat Tip: Reformed Chicks Babbling.)

Doomed to repeat it: House GOP rejects earmark moratorium.  (Hat Tip: Hot Air.)

McCotter’s double standard.

Is the UAW destroying jobs?

Joe the Plumber snooper reprimanded. (Hat Tip: Hot Air.)

Eharmony forced to provide homosexual matches. (Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin.)

Trying to silence pro-life protestors in New York City.

The Catholic Churches’ line in the sand on FOCA.

Woman facing forced abortion relased from China.

A former Serbian abortionist fights for the pro-life cause.

Fasting and prayer for Christians in Iran.

McCotter urges action to protect Iraqi Christians.

Batman v. Batman.

German Homeschoolers take refuge in East Tennessee

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