Virginia Has Its 2009 Candidate for Governor

We often forget that 2010 isn’t the only big election around the corner. In Virginia and New Jersey, gubernatorial elections are occurring and Republicans have their candidate:

Attorney General Bob McDonnell became the 2009 GOP nominee for Governor on Friday. That was the state party’s deadline to file paperwork to seek the nomination at next year’s convention. Nobody filed to oppose McDonnell. Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling (R) is unopposed for renomination. Three Republicans filed for McDonnell’s open AG spot. The Dem deadline to run is not until next year. Incumbent Governor Tim Kaine (D) is term-limited.

McDonnell has the advantage of having already been elected Statewide. Plus at this point, former DNC Chairman, Terry McAuliffe has got to be considered a frontrunner for the Democrats. McAulliffe has never impressed me as particularly likable and this is a winnable race for Republicans in a newly blue state. This election is important as redistricting is coming up.From all I’ve read, McDonnell’s a good man and strongly pro-life. Here’s his website. Hopefully, donation links will be coming soon.