Applying Leaches to Cast the Devils Out

I remmber a skit on the 1990s Cartoon Histeria that made fun of Middle Ages medicine. One character provided an answer of, “Apply leaches to cast the devil out.”

It seems to be the same thing with the media in the aftermath of an election. No matter what the actual issues of the campaign or what you can say about why the Republicans lost, the media asks the same question, “Is it time for the GOP to abandon the abortion issue? Consider:

Situation: You just nominated your most moderate Presidential Candidate since Gerald Ford, who favored Embryonic Stem Cell Research and opposed a Federal Marriage Amendment?

Solution: Eliminate the Social Issues from the GOP platform.

Situation: Democrats have gained dozens of seats across the nation by running candidates who are socially conservative or at least pretend to be.

Solution: Eliminate the Social Issues from the GOP platform.

Situation:Exit polls consistently show that those who actually vote on issues like abortion, cast votes for Pro-Life Republicans.

Solution: Apply leaches to cast the devils out—er, I mean Eliminate Social Issues from the GOP Platfrom.

That the question is being asked after an election that was so clearly decided on the economy shows an agenda that doesn’t bother with pesky things like what actually happened in the election. They already know the answer.