Backstabbing and a Circular Firing Squard

The curtain hasn’t closed on the 2008 campaign and jockeying for 2012 has already begun. Not by candidates, but by pundits.

The current "doom and gloom" about John McCain’s chances and the blame game that’s already starting isn’t enough. No, now, we’ve got to begin tearing people apart in anticipation of 2012.

You got Daniel Larson declaring Palin a flop and Rob Dreher cheering him on. You got Daniel Ruwe declaring Huckabee a joke and pumping up Palin and Jindal And on and on, it goes.

Let me go ahead and say this. After this election, if McCain loses, the GOP will be in worst shape than it’s been in any election since 1992, perhaps worse than any election since 1976. How do you recover? Stronger leadership.

Republicans are blessed that we have at least four great leaders in our party, all of whom are or have been Governors: Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, Mark Sanford, and perhaps I’d put Haley Barbour in that list too. Any one of these top four people, I’d gladly fight to bring to the White House. I believe they would be a breath of fresh air and needed reforms.

I’m a Huckabee guy, but I’m also pro-Sarah Palin, and I also like Bobby Jindal, and I also like Mark Sanford. I don’t see any need to tear down good people to build somebody else up.

In an era when the GOP is going to be in trouble, the last thing we need to do is to start fragging one another and starting an internal civil war. The Stupid thing about all this is that because you have no clue who’s running in a hypothetical election, there’s no reason to even start this.

I could see reasons why each of the top four names I listed might decide not to run. So, am I going to spend the next 2-3 years trashing someone who I think would be a great president because I think the guy (or gal) I like might be a little bit better? Heck no.

After this election, our focus must be on:

  1. Educating the American people.
  2. Stopping the liberal agenda.
  3. Getting competent conservatives in charge of the GOP.
  4. Defeating the Democrats.

Nowhere on my list is this game of destroying people because they might hurt the chance of a candidate I like that may or may not run for President.

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