Podcast: Obama, ACORN, and More

Podcast Show Notes

More ACORN voter registration fraud, this time in Pennsylvania. (Hat Tip: The Campaign Spot.)

Ohio rules new voter registerations must be verified. (Hat Tip: The Campaign Spot.)

ACORN bribing multiple voter registrations.

Despite disagreements, the NRA endorses McCain as Obama comes out for gun registrations, and the role of a foundation Obama chaired in fighting the second Amendment comes to light. (Hat Tip: Gun Watch.)

A bizarre ballot misprint.

Louis Farrakhan declares Obama the Messiah. (Hat Tip: Reformed Chicks Babbling.)

Young Dutch Socialists on their way to America to campaign for Barack Obama. (Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin.)

Obama claims he assumed Ayers’ rehabilitation. (Hat Tip: Campaign Spot.) Might there have been some clues to Ayers’ radical nature? (Hat Tip: Club for Growth.)

A woman falsely reported to the Secret Service by Obama volunteers. (Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin.)

Sarah Palin calls Obama out on abortion. Obama favors forcing health care plans to cover abortion.

How Gallup finds undecided voters. (Hat Tip: Newsbusters.)

Can state polls be trusted on this race and do they indicate the race is over for McCain?

McCain makes solid proposed change to 401(k)s

Does McCain finally get it?

When the clock breaks.

Military Construction Pork.

To tell the truth, Congressional debates with lie detectors. (Hat Tip: Club for Growth.)

The use of the second Amendment in defense of lives and property.

A woman prosecuted for an anti-ATF bumper sticker. (Hat Tip: Instapundit.)

A pro-life actor living out his beliefs.

Choose Life license plates survive legal challenge in Arizona.

McDonald’s boycott succeeds.

Christianity grows in China. (Hat Tip: Political Correctness Watch.)

Music by 3 in the same via the Podsafe Music Network.

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