500,063 Reasons I'm Not Giving Up on McCain-Palin

I’ve begun to notice a disturbing trend among conservatives. Many are giving up on the idea of John McCain becoming president. I can understand those who won’t support McCain out of principle. What I cannot cotton to are people who were behind McCain in the two weeks after the convention, but now that the polls have shifted, are giving up on the McCain campaign. With the odds against Senator McCain, I can think of 500,062 reasons to refuse to give up.

My first 500,000 has to do with Barack Obama’s support for the Freedom of Choice Act.If Obama gets his way on federal financing of abortions, coupled with the passage of FOCA, which will repeal every common sense abortion restriction in the land, there will be 125,000 more abortions a year. During an Obama Presidency, half a million unborn children will die that would have lived otherwise, if Obama makes it through 1 term. That is a price in the blood of innocent unborn children that I’m not willing to pay. I can accept the loss of money, but I can’t in good conscience consider that many unborn children to be acceptable losses.

Of course, some people may say, “FOCA will never pass. It’s just a liberal pipe dream. Obama will never get the votes.” But that all depends doesn’t it? Based on current polls, it’s possible that Democrats could control 62 seats in the next Senate. And that’s 62 more reasons to redouble our efforts for Senator McCain.

This is a Presidential election year, and turnout at the top of the ticket has a lot to do with turnout down the ticket. If we can’t get people to turn out for John McCain in Colorado, New Hampshire, Minnesota, and North Carolina, they’ll be a whole lot less likely to turn out to vote for Bob Schaffer, John Sununu, Norm Coleman, and Elizabeth Dole for U.S. Senate. Efforts on behalf of the national ticket will help in these down-ballot races.

In the past week or so, I’ve begun to make calls on behalf of the McCain campaign into swing states despite my trepidation about Senator McCain. As I have unlimited long distance, this isn’t a burden other than time. I’ve been placing calls into states that are swing states and in which there’s a close Senate race. The less margin Obama has in the U.S. Senate, the less extremist legislation such as FOCA, his economic package, and his health care plan, he’ll be able to get through the U.S. Senate.

There is one more reason that I’m doing all I can for John McCain and that reason is Governor Sarah Palin (R-AK.) She has roused conservative across the nation and why? She’s a fighter. In a nation full of gutless wonders, Sarah Palin is a warrior, not a wimp.

Do you know why we have so few leaders who will fight for our principles in Washington? Because they can’t count on conservatives to fight for them. And conservatives need to wake-up to the fact that the willingness of people to throw themselves into the media lion’s den is usually directly proportionate to the willingness of grassroots conservatives to stand by them. Understand that a loss for McCain is a loss for Sarah Palin.

If the McCain/Palin tickets loses by a large margin, party elders, who can never blame a loss on the GOP’s decision to nominate a President candidate that did not represent conservative values, will blame this defeat on Sarah Palin.

Getting her before us as a Presidential nominee will be even harder if McCain loses. In American History, only two people who were unsuccessful VP nominees went on to be the nominee for President. If she wants to run for President in 2012, she’ll have to endure the endless campaign, with the preliminary stages starting in 2010, with full bore campaigning lasting from February or March, 2011 to Election Day, 2012. Will she be willing to run and make the sacrifices required over that long period to even have a shot? And would she emerge victorious given the brutal inquisition-like nature of our primaries and the requirement to raises tens of millions of dollars?

I doubt she’d even run and the more the ticket loses by, the less the chance she’d run and be successful. You may disagree, but the 2012 election is not before us. This one is. And we have a chance to, at the very least, cut into Obama’s margin by getting every voter we can to the polls to support Governor Palin for Vice-President. The more voters we turn out, the more likely we are to, at the very least, limit the damage that Obama can do, as well as strengthening Sarah Palin’s political future.

One estimate suggests that Barack Obama’s campaign is placing 2.8 million phone calls a week to voters, while John McCain’s is placing 81,000. I can understand Republicans losing the election, what I can’t accept is Republicans not even trying. If you believe there’s something worth fighting for in this election, then show it now, because time is running out.