Sarah Palin Made Me Do It

I just made 15 calls into Nevada/North Carolina for John McCain/Sarah Palin.

I have unlimited weekend minutes with my cell phone plan. Right now, though odds are against a McCain victory, I’ll do my part. I’ll be calling into State that are both swing states and states with a competitive Senate race.

That means Colorado, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and North Carolina will be states I call into. One of the best ways to help the Senate races is to get as strong a turnout/get out the vote effort at the top of the ticket. So, whether McCain wins or not I’m helping out Bob Schaeffer, Norm Coleman, John Sununu, and Elizabeth Dole.

I encourage everyone whose able to do this. Make as few as five calls a day and enough people doing this can make an impact.

Sign up at JohnMcCain.com