Pennsylvania Leans Obama, Ohio to Toss-Up

Today’s Rasmussen Poll in Pennsylvania shows Obama up 8.  The trend is clear with 3 straight polls of 6 or more. Obama is establishing a solid lean. Pennsylvania leans Obama. In addition, the latest Rasmussen Poll in Ohio shows McCain up 1. This state goes back to toss-up.

Virginia, in which Rasmussen has Obama up 3 is beginning to start to tilt towards Obama, and McCain is tied in Florida.

Folks, Obama is beginning to take a lead. Two things need to happen, one is in Senator McCain’s control, the other’s in our’s. First, McCain’s got to change the game. He’s got focused, reclaim momentum, somehow. The second is in our control. We got to not give up because the  polls are down, because I think the stakes are too high to give up. 

We need to keep up the pressure on Obama, and the Dems. Giving up on this thing means a Democratic landslide.

Say some prayers. If you’re in a swing state work hard, if you’re not, drive to a swing state or make calls from McCain’s online phone bank.  

Some people may not like the map the way I’ve drawn it, but it is as close to reality as anything at the moment. If you don’t like the map, you’ve got a big part in changing it.