Liberals Can't Help Themselves

Frank Rich bemoans in the New York Times:

A McCain victory on Election Day will usher in a Palin presidency, with McCain serving as a transitional front man, an even weaker Bush to her Cheney.

You know, if I believed Frank Rich, I’d probably quit my job and move to Colorado to help Palin begin the first of her 3-4 terms in the White House.

Does he even believe that? Palin is not on the ticket at the behest of shadowy forces, but of McCain himself. The left has gone from suggesting Palin is a lightweight who doesn’t belong on the ticket to turning her into Machivelli in high heels. Astounding! Even more astounding, Rich seems to suggest that Palin is both at the same time.

How can Obama win?

How do you run against that flashy flimflam? You don’t. Karl Rove for once gave the Democrats a real tip rather than a bum steer when he wrote last week that if Obama wants to win, “he needs to remember he’s running against John McCain for president,” not Palin for vice president. Obama should keep stepping up the blitz on McCain’s flip-flops, confusion, ignorance and blurriness on major issues (from education to an exit date from Iraq), rather than her gaffes and résumé. If he focuses voters on the 2008 McCain, the Palin question will take care of itself.

You hear that, folks? The focus needs to be on McCain, not Palin. This is why Frank Rich spent the first fifteen paragraphs talking about Palin. Thus is illustrated the challenge of the Obama campaign.

Smart liberals know that running against Palin is a losing proposition. They know their best shot is to make this race about the top of the ticket. They know where their focus should be. They just can’t keep it there. The left is acting like moths drawn to a flame. They can’t help themselves.

Why do they seem powerless to stop bashing Sarah Palin? Two reasons.

First, Sarah Palin is a woman and self-described feminist, but she doesn’t fit their definition. At her core, she’s a threat to their power base. The left manages to keep many women on their side through the presumptive idea that this is what women are supposed to believe. You’re supposed to be pro-choice, bitter, and hateful towards men. Governor Palin is pro-life and neither bitter nor misanthropic. As Vice-President, she’d be the most powerful woman in the world and a role model for women everywhere. Egads, can you imagine the long-term damage to the left?

Second, is her serious Christianity. One has to be clear on this, because the media likes to play semantics games. How can you say there’s a bias against Christians when 80% of the country identifies as Christian. Christian self-identification does not lead to media bias, as long as Christian self-identification is treated with less seriousness than some folks treat Oktoberfest. However, Palin’s faith is real, Palin has joined organizations centered around her faith. She believes in a God that plans the steps of man.

Perhaps, the most disturbing thing to the leftist mind, from her speech to the graduating class at Master’s Academy, was her declaration that she could do the best she could as Governor with infrastructure, law enforcement, and education, but that it wouldn’t do much good if the hearts of people in the State weren’t right with God.

The statement was not theocracy. She put the challenge of reaching people on the students, not the state. Rather, it was a statement of the limits of government’s power. This is the ultimate heresy to the far left. If the power to solve society’s ills is not found in the government, if man is more than a carefully balanced hierarchy of needs and wants, then liberalism is bankrupt.

At the core of leftism is the belief that man’s ultimate problem is a lack of material things: health care, education, and money. It’s the government’s job to solve these problems. Modern liberalism exalts the almighty state as the key to the betterment of man. It is this statism that dominates from one coast to another.

In direct opposition to that worldview, Governor Palin sees that there are some things government can and should do: roads, law enforcement, and insuring public education is provided. But government can’t solve the most basic, fundamental problem of man. It can’t fix our lives.

For this reason, like moths kamikazing themselves into a buglight, the left and the media will continue to make Governor Palin the focal point of the campaign. The desire to destroy Governor Palin and all she represents is emotionally superseding the goal of winning this election.