Charlie and the Propoganda Factory

Podcast Show Notes

Selective editting in the Palin interview with Charlie Gibson.

The real Sarah Palin on the Bridge to Nowhere, spending, and earmarks.

A Canadian abortionist fears that Palin’s election could reduce abortion of downs syndrome babies. (Hat Tip: Don Surber.)

Obama getting arrogant with financial supporters. (Hat Tip: Director Blue.)

Obama runs ad attacking McCain for not sending e-mails. McCain doesn’t send e-mails because he can’t due to his war injury.

Plus Sarah Palin’s qualification defended by Obama’s Democratic home state governor. (Hat Tip: The Corner.)

The New York Times on qualifications to be Veep now and then.

The insipid questions asked on the View.

An Ohio Democratic leader’s sleezy proposed line of attack to turn Ohio blue. (Hat Tip: The Corner.)

The Truth about McCain’s sex education ad.

Obama supporters try to play a con game on pro-lifers.

A website forms to help Obama’s destitute half-brother who lives on $12 a year.

Unprecedent spending rates are leading to a national trainwreck. (Hat Tip: Save the GOP. )

Plus: Government in action. $119 million for a total of 40 jobs. (Hat Tip: Right Mind.)

When Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer joked about committing election fraud in Montana’s 2006 Senate Race was there truth in the joke?

A Google news search leads to a billion dollar stock loss.

Another crazy gun lawsuit filed against Craig’s list. (Hat Tip: Gun Watch.)

Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA) continues to show outstanding leadership through the hurricane season.

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