John McCain Doesn't Need a Dick Cheney

Chris at Unequivocal Notion posits

  • Obama picked up Joe Biden not because it’d excite the base, but because Joe Biden will be able to help Obama govern.
  • McCain picked up Sarah Palin because it’d excite the base, not because Sarah Palin will be able to help McCain govern.

If only Republicans put as much effort into governing as they put into running campaigns. I think that the election and reelection of G.W. Bush proved that Republicans only care about winning elections, not about actually governing this country.

So Barack Obama cared about governing because he chose a VP with a lot more experience than him who could help him manage the country , particularly on tough foreign policy matters. So, what the left is saying is that Obama is noble for doing what the left has accused President Bush in doing by choosing Dick Cheney. Would that be the change we can believe in?

I think that Senator McCain did choose someone who could help him govern, as well as win the election, and yes, step in should something happen to him. McCain really doesn’t need a Foreign Policy wonk on his ticket. John McCain knows foreign policy quite well, thank you very much.

However, outside of the military, McCain doesn’t have much executive experience, Governor Palin does. She also brings a strong understanding of energy issues that in a time when energy is such a problem for our country is vitally important.

I think Senator McCain sees a troubling situation in Washington, and a place that’s in desperate need of reform. Those who are part of official Washington are, for the most part, part of the problem. They’d be half-hearted in fighting big spending at best. If something should happen to him, Washington would just be business as usual. There are some exceptions to this, but good reformers have spent a lot more time tilting at windmills that whether they could handle the executive responsibilities of the Presidency.

Sarah Palin has experience cutting spending and reforming ethics in her home state. She’s had to work with a legislature. She’s had to actually govern departments and balance budgets. She’s shown the ability to take bold steps for reform. She’s shaken things up in Alaska and I think what Senator McCain wants to do when he’s elected President.  

The Senate is not the fount of all wisdom, neither Washington, DC. Having been there for 36 years doesn’t mean that you’ll make the right decision when crisis strikes. One of America’s most experienced Presidents was James Buchanan, Buchanan had six terms in the House, 2 1/2 terms in the Senate, and a 2 year stint as Ambassador to Russia and Minister to Great Britain, and 4 years as Secretary of State, including during the Mexican-American war. He was a great Washington insider and under his Administration, the Union split apart and he was impotent to stop it.

McCain understands that Washington is broken, and if you’re going to fix a dysfunctional system,  you probably need someone from outside that system to help. Buchanan proves that experience as a Washington insider won’t make you a great President, but tenacity, courage, and dedication to service are at the foundation of great leadership. Sarah Palin has these qualities in spades.