Reasonable Democrat: "Get a Freaking Grip"

Big Tent Democrat, one of the more thoughtful liberals out there writes to his  partymates regarding the Sarah Palin situation:

Get a freaking grip. I assure you the American People are wondering what Democrats are freaking out about.

Indeed, I addressed it in a previous post, but BTD raises an excellent point and the comments thread is a fascinating reminder that not every member of the Democratic Party has lost their mind. Bluegal cluelessly tries to agree in the comments:

For all of McCain’s “Country First” and “I’m ready” talking points this decision that he made after meeting her once goes to his JUDGMENT.  

What McCain did was dangerous and shows just how cynical and arrogant he is.

Another commenter, Columbia Duck, points out the problem with this:

Because he’s got to be crazy to pick a woman with equivalent experience to Obama. /snark

this is the experience argument packaged another way. it’s still a loser.

Unfortunately bluegal still didn’t get it:

You can have all the experience in the world but if you don’t have good judgment what good is that experience?…McCain thinks it is okay to gamble with the country’s future. He has shown this time and time again.

Columbia Duck comes back:

If you question McCain’s JUDGMENT by saying he picked someone too INEXPERIENCED, than that is still the EXPERIENCE argument. It’s just once removed. the only additional factor that would make it criminally dangerous (or whatever you said) to pick the very inexperienced Palin while it’s dandy to pick the inexperienced Obama is that she is a woman.

You say it’s a gamble to the country’s future to pick an inexperienced Palin – but Obama has little more experience. Isn’t that a gamble as well? Do you really want to litigate that argument for the next two months?

This is a loser argument for Democrats this year. Dem strategists have been walking into it with the Republicans all day and they end up looking like idiots. It should stop.

Unfortunately, bluegal still doesn’t get it, but I don’t have all night to keep up with this. Lansing Quaker warned fellow liberals:

In the zeitgeist to demonize Palin right out of the box — to change the narrative — it’s going to cause terrible backlash. Democratic Underground has even front paged the RIDICULOUS story criticizing the AUTHENTICITY OF HER CHILD WITH DOWN SYNDROME and now the Right-Wing blogs are picking it up.

This is going to hurt Obama in a huge way once Palin actually changes McCain’s numbers. Especially if this type of attack line keeps up.

Read the whole thread.  I have to say there are some smart people at TalkLeft. Fortunately, for Republicans, no one seems to be listening.