Minnick: My Primary Residence May Not Be in the District, But At Least My Office is Here

Remember Walt Minnick’s attempt to drum up 1st District resentment because Bill Sali chose to locate his campaign office at a central location in downtown Boise in the 2nd District?

Headline: Minnick campaign proudly based in the District Walt will representDid you know Bill Sali’s campaign office and Congressional in-state headquarters are both in Idaho’s Second Congressional District. Normally that wouldn’t be a problem—except Sali represents the First District.

Well, here’s a question. Where does Minnick live? In the first district or in the second district? The answer: maybe, as the Idaho GOP has found:

BOISE, ID – The Idaho Republican Party has learned Democrat Walter Minnick, a candidate for Idaho’s 1st Congressional District, paid his 2008 property taxes earlier this year and claimed a property tax exemption for his primary residence, located in Idaho’s 2nd Congressional District.Norm Semanko, Chairman of the Idaho Republican Party, commented, “It reminds me of ‘Where’s Waldo?’ Where is Walter Minnick’s primary place of residence? Does he live at the location where he’s registered to vote? Or does he live at the location where he’s claiming a property tax exemption of $100,000? Where’s Walter’s house?”In 2007, Minnick claimed a homeowner’s exemption for his home in the 2nd District. He again claimed the exemption, worth $100,938 in 2008, although he indicated to the FEC that he moved. Minnick currently rents a residence in Idaho’s 1st Congressional District. “It doesn’t appear that there’s anything illegal happening here,” said Semanko, “but it does look like Walter Minnick is playing a shell game with Idaho voters about where he actually lives. When he registers to vote, Minnick says his primary residence is in the 1st CD. But when he needs to pay his taxes, Minnick says his primary residence is in the 2nd CD. There’s no question he’s gaming the system.”

So, he’s renting a house in the 1st District as his primary residence? Anyone want to be on whether Minnick will still be renting if he loses this Fall. Secondly, Minnick’s act seems to be such sophistry. He goes after Sali for the location of his office, when Minnick’s home that he actually owns is in the 2nd District. Semanko is right that it’s perfectly legal. Politicos on both sides cross district lines all the time.

Were it not for the garbage that Minnick and the left-bloggers were putting out last week, I wouldn’t even be talking about this. But this gives you a picture of what Walt Minnick’s about. This whole thing last week by the left and by Minnick’s campaign was pure sophistry.

I found this interesting quote from Minnick from a Knight-Ridder story the 1996 Senate campaign:

WASHINGTON _ When Walter Minnick talks about politicians and politics, he often uses one word to describe his attitude: cynical…Railing against politicians who talk “hogwash out of both sides of their mouths”

Thus Walt Minnick has become the picture of the type of cynical politician he said turned him off in 1996 as he talks hogwash out of both sides of his mouth.

As an aside, why is Minnick taking the homeowners exemption? As according to the liberals, the rich don’t pay enough and our schools and roads need more money, why not forgo the exemption and give more money to schools rather than taking an exemption as questionable as this. That would be leadership by example.

Apparently, not one of Minnick’s specialties.