Ted Cruz may have just bought the farm, too.

There are three things we, conservatives, just won’t abide in a candidate seeking our nation’s highest office. First, they must be willing to take on the Democrats and strengthen our armed forces, technologically and militarily; second, they cannot compromise on the issue of illegal immigration. Those in this country illegally must go home, one at a time if need be, but go home they must; third, we have to know that the next president will appoint federal judges at every level of the judiciary who reflect conservative judicial thinking.

This is not a two out of three test, nor is it one which invites compromise. Fail any one of the above criteria and you are in jeopardy of losing both republican and democratic supporters who are fed up with the current politically correct political environment.

In a previous Diary I wrote that Marco Rubio disqualified himself with his stubborn insistence that illegal immigrants be allowed to stay. (See: Marco is finished) In an earlier Diary I was equally critical of Donald Trump. See:( I support Trump for president even though I suspect he’s not ready for the job).

This column now deals with Sen. Ted Cruz, who just bought the farm by demonstrating weakness and political correctness on the issue of military spending.

In an interview with Chris Wallace, Sunday (Jan. 17), Ted Cruz explained away his vote against three defense authorization bills on the grounds that he promised his constituents back home in Texas that he would vote against any bill that did not include in it certain due process protections for Americans found to be supportive of terrorist organizations. We’re talking about supporters of ISIS, here, and other Islamic terrorist organizations.

Really, Ted?

Your answer was disingenuous, to say the least. You want us to believe that Texas voters — TEXAS VOTERS — Longhorn state voters — want an already underfunded military budget used as a hostage to protect the “due process” rights of Americans accused of supporting ISIS and/or Al Qaeda?

You think that using drones to take them out violates their rights to due process? To quote John Wayne, from his movie “Green Berets”: “Out here, due process is a bullet in the head.”

Just as an aside, would I authorize a drone attack on traitors like Bradley Manning or Edward Snowden? In a New York minute, I would. That is their due process!

No, Ted, you are cozying up to liberals and taking the politically correct view of how to fight and win a war with a losing strategy.

Here’s how you win a war: If you find an American fighting on the side of ISIS in Iraq or Syria, you kill him or her, lickety-split. That’s their due process. And that, as they say, is that! I think the vast majority of Texas voters would agree with me, Ted, and not you.