Marco is finished, and here's why.

If there was any doubt that Sen. Marco Rubio was going to be a contender for the Republican nomination for President, his appearance on Meet the Press, Sunday, sealed his fate.

He’s finished!

Marco is a bright guy and, but for his stance on mass disobedience of our immigration laws by illegals living in our country, he had a good chance of being the alternative to the more conservative Cruz and the brutally honest and delightfully volatile, Trump.

But, once a member of the Gang of Eight, you’re always a member of the Gang of Eight, and there’s no turning back. Rubio was not only a member of the infamous Gang, but he was its principle cheerleader, the face out front, brushing off conservative opposition without so much as a second thought that maybe, just maybe the opposition had a point. The sad part is Chuck Schumer played Rubio like a fiddle, like a kid, a sophomore, a novice.

The truth is, the base will never, and I mean never, accept amnesty for 11 to 20 million illegal immigrants who flaunt our border laws and defy the good will and sense of fair play of the vast majority of Americans.

Neither will the base accept the argument that “You just can’t deport 11 to 20 million people in our country illegally.” Really? What makes Trump so alluring is the fact that he says, “Yes, we can,” and yes, he will. He’ll start with one and work his way up. It’s that simple and that profound. What’s so troubling about Rubio is that he doesn’t even appear to want to try. And Marco Rubio is not alone.

Having said that, it still bothers me that we don’t know where Trump, or any of the other candidates actually stand on Supreme Court nominees, a question that was never asked from the “Fair and Balanced” Fox Business debate team last week. And that’s a question that needs to be answered quickly.

Regardless, it doesn’t matter where Marco Rubio stands on that issue or any other because he has demonstrated that he can’t be trusted to apply the laws of this country faithfully. We already have a President who doesn’t follow the law and if he does, he  applies it only against those with whom he disagrees, using the IRS to settle scores. Shameful!

Marco will remain a bright, young Senator from Florida. He won’t be President of the United States.

As for Cruz, he good and he’s smart. But the truth is, only Trump sounds like he really means what he says.

So, here’s hoping for a Trump-Fiorina ticket. Smart business people, tech savvy, a no nonsense winning team.