It's still going to be Joe.

Joe Biden said recently that he thinks about his decision to take a pass on the upcoming presidential election all the time. He did it, he said, for personal, family reasons. He regrets it, but that’s how it is when you have a conscience.

I’m sorry, but. . . No you didn’t Joe. And no you don’t.

I maintain now as I did in a previous Diary: “Is Joe Biden Really Out? Not Hardly!”  that Joe is in, but being Joe he’s too smart, or slick, depending upon how you view him, to take on Hillary directly and divide the Party.

A precipitous run against Hillary would have ruined any chance he had of winning the progressive and female vote and he knew it then and still knows it. Besides,  he couldn’t do to Hillary what Obama did to her when he stole the election from her in 2008. That just wouldn’t be right. And as those of us who have followed Joe Biden throughout his career know, doing what’s right is what Joe is all about. (That’s a joke, actually)

So, to me, his recent announcement is just a test run, a reminder to all of us that he’s ready, sort of. He doesn’t want to push too hard, though, and risk all the good will he’s accumulated among the progressive and female voters in the Democratic Party. Party loyalty means so much to him. He just wanted to let everyone know that should the call come — and, if Hillary is indicted, the call will come — that he, Joe, is ready to make the ultimate sacrifice and take the plunge.

How that happens is simple: Party leaders, with Obama’s silent approval, will approach Hillary at some time and do to her what Republican jellyfish did to Nixon when they marched to his office in 1974 and told him he lacked enough Republican votes in congress to stem a Senate Judiciary Committee bill of Impeachment that accused him of  “high crimes and misdemeanors”. That was a joke in itself.

Hillary’s mishandling of her e-mails, which demonstrated a total disregard and lack of understanding and appreciation for the need to keep our nation’s secrets secret, as well as her inexcusable lack of leadership and responsibility when an American consular office was overrun in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11, 2012, resulting in the death of four Americans, one of whom was the United States Ambassador to the region, and the charges that will follow when the FBI finishes its investigation, should be just about enough to cause knees in the Democratic Party to quiver and bells to ring: Time to make the call, they’ll say. And the call will be made.

As for Bernie, well, Bernie will have to be swept aside and his base will, somehow, have to be mollified — although I seriously don’t think that will be possible. I mean, they’re willing to vote for a Socialist. What can they know about anything?

Still, Hillary’s likely delegate base will have to go somewhere — just not Bernie. Let’s see now. . . where will those votes be told to go?

Jim Webb? Nope!

Ahhhhhhh. . .


How about Joe? Somebody, quick call Joe. He’s ready. He’s reluctant, to be sure ( yeah, sure ). All the while Joe will be thinking: at what point can I surrender to the call, throw myself on the sword and not offend Hillary’s supporters? He’s going to need those supporters if he hopes to win.

Lets count our assets.

ABC, CBS, NBC, The Washington Post, The New York Times etc., NPR. Yep, The press is with him. The president will be with him. The DNC will be with him. And if they do it all just right, the base of the Democratic Party will fall all over themselves in gleeful hysterics, wetting themselves in tinklets of uncontrollable joy. And all those whose mental and political savvy is limited to simply looking for the big “D” next to a name, they’ll be there for sure, too.

Joe will be back. Bigger, better, reenergized and ready to go. A new day is dawning.

As for Hillary? Well, for the good of the Party, you know how it goes. Out with the old in with the new, except Joe isn’t that new. He has a record: a mean-spirited, divisive, partisan and callous one.