One gun owner who thinks Obama may have it right, this time.

I am a gun owner. Have been for over forty-five years. I own rifles, shotguns, and an assortment of handguns that I enjoy firing at the range from time to time. I possess a concealed carry permit in Massachusetts and carry all the time. I’m a member of the NRA.

I don’t hunt bear, shoot deer, knock flying birds from the sky with a twenty gauge or dress up like a great white hunter sitting in the forest waiting for some hapless creature to waddle by so I can shoot it for sport.

I’m the guy sitting next to you in a restaurant or in a movie theater, maybe even at church, who carries a concealed weapon under his jacket. You have no reason to fear me, ever. I’m not out to hurt anyone. I might actually be your best friend in an emergency.

I carry for one reason, and one reason only: for any lawful purpose that will allow me to defend myself, my family, my property or an innocent citizen whose life is seriously threatened by a bad guy like a machete wielding terrorist, or unlicensed gun owner out to kill innocent people. I’m a former United States Marine, a Vietnam veteran who knows what guns can do. I carried an expert’s badge. I respect guns of all sorts. I know what I can and can’t do.

I also know their limitations. It’s not like the movies. Guns are notoriously inaccurate in the wrong hands, and fired willy-nilly can kill an innocent bystander just as quickly as the hardened criminal you are hoping to take down, if the occasion ever arises.

I didn’t vote for Obama. I think he is a socialist, in the worst sense of the word. And I don’t think he really appreciates what America is, even though whenever he addresses someone whose views he disagrees with, he says: “That’s not who we are as Americans,” as if he is speaking for me. He rarely is.

This once, however, I think he hit on something that really does need to be addressed, and which I, with some hesitation, might agree with. We really do need to put some kind of check on gun show sales made between individuals who don’t have access to a national database that can inform us on whether a person-to-person sale is one in which one or both of the transactors have a criminal record.

Now before stating why I support this limited proposal of our great leader, let me just preface my remarks further by stating: if you think I’m a pansy on guns, read my previous posts titled: “Why can’t I carry my gun across state lines,” and  “VA A.G. Mark Herring opened a can of whoop ass with gun owners. . .”

Do those diaries suggest someone who is wobbly on the issue of gun ownership?

Here, however, I think the NRA and the rest of us gun owners should take no issue with a proposal that mandates that an open national register be provided at all gun shows where, before a sale is made from one person to another, the name of the buyer be entered into a national registry to ascertain whether that person is prohibited by law from possessing a handgun, or is even an American citizen.

I bought a nice new 9mm Sig the other day and before I received the gun from the gun store, a check was done on me. Hey, I came up clean. I got the gun. It’s that simple.

I think America could support this and, if we as gun owners made this one concession, it would go a long way in calming the fear that we are all out of our mind crazy, which we are not. Truth be known, I think it would go a long way in our favor if we could shut the door on this argument once and for all so that when we said we carry lawfully everybody would know that the government agrees.