Is Joe Biden really out? Hardly!

Joe Biden is a shrewd, partisan politician. When he announced in late October that after weeks of hard thought, he would not seek the 2016 presidential nomination for the democratic party, many in the media swooned.

What a guy. What a patriot. By golly, Joe may be out of the contest, but he’s definitely “in” for the working men and women of our nation. Wrapped in the flag, the party, God and mom’s apple pie, Joe assured us that he is there for us. Always was. Always would be.

And so, Joe is out.

And if you believe that, well I suspect you would believe almost anything. Flash:  Joe is not out. He’s in. Way in. And his announcement that he is out is simply the first volley in the “Draft Joe” campaign sure to follow, endorsed and maybe even called for by the president himself. The nation needs you Joe, come back. Save us.

Look, here’s the scoop. Joe wants to be president. But he knows that announcing now would forever separate him from the Clinton base of the democratic party which is determined, no matter what she has done, or failed to do, to see that she becomes the first female American president. Her supporters are fanatical, wide-eyed, immovable. It’s her turn.

So Joe pulls his punch. He’s no fool. His strategy, as I see it, is to wait and see if Hillary implodes or is indicted for multiple felonies. If that happens and the party is left with a socialist nominee, namely, Bernie Sanders, as their candidate, the calls from the DNC, the media and the president will be relentless: We need you Joe. Come back.

It’s a shrewd gamble, one I am fairly certain he has discussed with Obama who is no fan of the Clintons. The odds are simple: Jump in and  fight Clinton and you risk the wrath of her unforgiving supporters and splitting the party wide open.  It’s a risky gamble. Is that what a shrewd lawyer like Joe would do? What’s the old legal cliché: Never ask a question before a jury for which you don’t already know the answer?

My guess is this: the president is going to give the FBI the green light to investigate and prosecute if that is what is necessary — and it will be necessary if what is coming out now is true. To quote Hillary: Drip, drip, drip.

The calls for Joe to save the party will be relentless and he will yield, oh so reluctantly.

He will have nothing but good words for Hillary, bye, bye Hillary, thus winning over her base with nothing but fond wishes — after all, he’s Joe, our guy, right?

How do I know all this? Seriously, do you think Joe would have made his announcement with the president standing right beside him, if it were any other way? If that wasn’t a presidential endorsement for something to come, I don’t know what is.

If nothing else, partisan Joe is the groom in waiting — and while he waits, demonstrating  great patience and statesmanship.

Joe’s out? Huh! Tell me another one.