Why I now question the wisdom of a Trump vote. And why Carly Fiorina is looking better and better.


I like the fact that Donald Trump is saying all the right things about issues important to all Americans – albeit in fuzzy terms — but that’s okay, for now.

I believe him when he says he will make America’s military the strongest in the world again.

I believe him when he says he will build a fence to secure our southern border and that he will begin the steady deportation of immigrants in our country illegally, especially gang members. (Although he blinked on that answer recently)

He is absolutely right when he says the 14th Amendment is not directed at immigrants in our country illegally. (See my previous column, titled: “Why Donald Trump is right about anchor babies and the 14th Amendment.”)

And I believe him when he says he can and will bring jobs back to America. He’s a smart businessman.


I question his knowledge of how the larger economy works. He sounds like George Bush, “Sometimes you have to abandon the free market system to save the free market system,”  when he says he supports a higher graduated income tax on the so called wealthy. It is congress that enacts tax breaks, not the rich. And most tax breaks are there to stimulate investment, or put another way, the incentive to make more money. I never did like class envy, and I still don’t– even when it comes from Donald Trump.

I don’t like that Donald Trump doesn’t seem to grasp that the fact it’s not insufficient taxes that we suffer from, but too much spending. I really don’t know if he gets it. The government is loaded with agencies that can be cut or seriously reduced. And there are plans out there, like the “one cent for every dollar”  plan, that he seems to be oblivious about. Troubling.

I question his sincerity about deporting illegal immigrants. In his last press conference he slipped when opined that it was the gang-bangers he was going to go after, and then he got fuzzy about those who are in this country illegally. He’ll work out the details of that plan, he says. Sounds like everyone else.

I am really concerned when he says he will honor the Iranian nuclear deal because he believes in contracts. Here’s a tip for you Donald, from Steven Benet’s, short story based on an old German short story, “Faust,”  translated by Washington Irving, as “The Devil and Tom Walker”)  Loosely translated: never make a deal with the Devil because the Devil doesn’t deal in percentages. In short, honor no deal made between Barak Obama with this international terrorist state. Put Iran and the world on notice. No nukes for Iran. Period!

I am troubled when he states that he unequivocally supports women’s issues, meaning Planned Parenthood. He offers support without even the slightest caveat or hesitation about the fact that these centers are acting as slaughter houses for millions of babies, and selling baby parts from living beings. Is he aware of this? Does he read what is going on? Would he said that Hitler was a good guy because he made the trains run on time and he gave the German people living space? Really Donald?

I am growing more and more concerned that Mr. Trump truly believes that his book, “The art of the deal” will unlock all secrets to diplomacy, especially when he says he can deal with Vladimir Putin; that he actually likes Mr. Putin; and that Mr. Putin is not a bad guy. Really? Does that sound a little naive, like when George W. Bush opined of Putin, that he could see into his heart, and that in his heart he saw a good man? Remember Putin’s American tour? Bush was floating on air and so proud of his new friend. I suspect Trump will be bamboozled, too, because in his heart he wants to be liked — no matter how much he professes that that’s not true.

I worry when he says the people he knows, like Carl Icahn, are “killers.” Yeah, I know he doesn’t mean it literally — but “Killers,” no matter how you define it, is not what I want as a negotiator for anything. Trump’s loose use of words is troubling, when he could have better said that Carl Icahn is a patriot, someone Americans can trust to always to what is right for America.

I am worried that Trump may be too business-oriented, and like Bill Clinton, sell our best technology to foreign governments, believing that he is so liked that he can’t be bamboozled and that these kinds of sales, while bad for Americans, are good for business. Would China and North Korea have the advanced computer chip technology they have today if we didn’t give it to them in a trade deal?

I don’t like that he threw  Jorge Ramos of Univision (thanks a lot NBC for this piece of multicultural Balkanization) out of his last press conference and then let him back in. It showed  false bravado, weakness and an apologetic vein that allowed Ramos to dominate the center stage far longer than anyone else. (Was this Trump’s way of saying, I’m sorry?) When you throw someone out, you throw them out. Message sent. Lesson learned.

And lastly, but not least: Mr. Trump doesn’t appear to have tapped into the vast reservoir — at least not yet — of advisers, even on a confidential basis — he should eagerly want to hear from. Not political advisers, but military, economic, business, foreign policy etc.

So, who is the business person I now believe really does mean what she says (got hint yet) , is measured and thoughtful in the use of her words, who can drive a hard bargain, won’t be played and is a true patriot? The name is Carly Fiorina. And regardless of where she ends up in the next debate — first tier or last — she is the one everyone is going to be looking more closely at because she is the one to be taken most seriously.

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