The truth is: a third party already exists.

House Speaker [mc_name name=’Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’B000589′ ] and Senate President [mc_name name=’Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’M000355′ ] have done to the Republican Party what Democrats could only have dreamt of achieving: the destruction of the Republican Party.

As noted below, these two “leaders” have not only alienated their independent/conservative base among voters in cities and towns across America, but they have betrayed conservative members of their own party in both houses of congress– and for what?

Their record as leaders of the Republican congress is dismal. Holding comfortable margins in both the House and Senate, Boehner and McConnell have shown less interest in solidifying their base and uniting members of their respective caucuses  than they have in achieving “compromises” with liberals in the Democratic Party.

On issue after issue the stench of betrayal is overpowering: The Republican Party leadership has shown itself to be an unreliable ally for its conservative base. Sadly, the Party is bought and paid for  by the Chamber of Commerce which has lobbied hard for adopting the controversial Trans Pacific Partnership and Trade Promotion Authority bills and has been behind every effort to silence legislative action to stem the flow of  illegal immigration across our borders.

The leadership has vacillated on repealing Obamacare, has weakened our national defense in an utterly incomprehensible  compromise with Democrats to cut spending to our militaryt, which never occurred, and has continued big government spending at a reckless and inexcusably suicidal pace.

Ironically, the ideals of conservative voters who gave the Republicans historic wins in both the House and Senate in the last two national elections, are the very ideals House and Senate “leaders” have rejected in vote after vote.

The leaders of the Republican Party have obviously forgotten the old adage: those who think they can compromise with the devil forget that the devil doesn’t deal in compromises.

The solution: 

To those member who are now disenfranchised, rest assured your base wants you to stand firm. You are the seeds of the new third party: independent and conservative. The truth is you represent the majority of independent thinking, largely conservative and politically active constituents.  (See my prior column: Time for a new conservative party, October, 2013).

In my earlier column I saw the need for a new political party, but on second thought that third party may already exist in the form of independent conservative members of congress who vote with the Republican caucus, but whose vote champions conservative not liberal principles.

If the Republican leadership continues to compensate for the loss of conservative members by seeking Democratic votes to achieve majority support on bills, the conservative coalition of members has no choice but to make the break and declare to all the cause that compels them to action. Go public. Take the fight to the people. Let the public see how the politicians who campaigned  as conservatives but sidle up to  liberal socialist Democrats actually vote. Poll after poll affirms this fact: the public will renounce them and the Chamber of Commerce for the irresponsible policies they espouse.

The answer to Boehner’s and McConnell’s cold shoulder is to turn the heat up on both Boehner and McConnell and use the press to challenge their leftward, appeasement policies. These are weak men. They stand for nothing and will sell out members of their own caucus to achieve an approving nod from a biased liberal press and a socialist president.

Organize and coalesce around a conservative voting block and separate yourselves from the direction the Republican Party is taking. The public will assuredly vote Republicans out of office who betray them, if they know the extent of their betrayal. You are an independent and dissenting voice in a party on a crash course with utter failure. Before it’s too late announce that coalition of dissenters in public and don’t fear the leadership. They are undeserving of your or the public’s support. Separate yourself from these men and their policies or be consumed by the anger that is building against them and the Republican Party.

You are the third party.

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