Compromise is for losers. Republican leadership must go!

Note to republican leadership from someone who has spent over twenty three years advising elected officials on policy matters: stop all this talk about compromise and get real.

Fight for what you believe is right for the country or step off the field and hand the reigns over to someone else.

The object is not to compromise with the Democrats but to tell the American public that the Democratic Party is out of control, leaning us dangerously toward a socialist state, bankrupting us in the process and ensuring economic collapse of our currency and standing in the world. They are leading us toward a depression the likes of which we have never experienced and hard times the likes of which we should never have to know.

The Republican Party isn’t perfect, but right now it is the only hope Americans have if we hope to save our Republic. The Democrats must be swept out of office and our nation’s direction must change. This will not happen with compromise, but with defeat of the Democrats and their socialist agenda. The c hoice is for the American people to make, not for the Republican leadership to bargain away.

Nothing short of this message will do. The American peiople must be told what is at stake, who is to blame for the crisis and what they must to to change direction. I trust Americans, given the choice of socialism or free markets, will chose freedom.

Unfortunetaly, the Republican leadership still doesn’t believe that the American people have rejected the Democratic socialization that they’ve seen under Obama and the Democrats in congress.

The leadership gave us a twelve member super budget panel that is so politicized that it is doomed to failure. It also gave the panel a mandate that is so woefully inadequare to the task that it is an affront to our common sense: $100 billion a year in cuts in a budget that is off track by a trillion each year? A one-tenth cut is insulting and hardly serious. Worse, the Republican leadership gave over to the Democrats massive automatuc cuts in military spending if a budget deal is not struck . Why? A sign of good fatith? Who’s idea was that? And what did we get in return? some unspecified amorphous cuts in domestic spending? How about a quid-pro-quo: if there is no deal on the budget and we abolish the Education Department and EPA for starters.

The truth is the Boehners and McConnells of this party are its downfall. They, as much as the Democrats in congress, are who the people rejected in last October’s elections. And they must go if real progress is to occur.

Easier said than done? I don’t think so.  House and Senate Republicans are going to have to step up and confront the leadership with the ultimatum: step down or face a fight and be pushed out. For the good of the Party, step down and turn leadership over to others who will reject compromise, who will stand for something and who are not afraid to battle Democrats in the field of public opinion, not with numbers but, like the Democrats, with strong emotional talk. Right now it is the consertavive agenda that will save  the American economy. Compromises only worsens the crises and shorten the time to economic collapse.

  Some things the leadership needs to understand:

(1) Create a clerar message and everyone stay on message. Liberal spending is bankrupting this country and sending us headlong toward a massive depression and economic collapse that will touch every family rich or poor.  There is precious time left to address the root cause of this slide. The next election is a good place to start, though.  Right now the Democrats in the Senate are the ones preventing real economic progress. They must be swept from office. There are few moderate Democrats left. Just look how they vote.

(2) Be clear about what is a stake and why comnpromise is not the answer. Men and women of strongly held beliefs don’t compromise those beliefs; they fight for them. No less than the future of our country is at risk. Win or lose, give the American people a choice with a difference. If you believe the policies you espouse are vital to the survival of our country, say so and stand by thoses principles.

(3) Be the Party of “NO.” but define what what No means to the American people:

No more reckless spending.

No more massive trillion dollar deficits.

No more government takeovers and control of the free market.

No more regulations that hamstring our economic growth and drive farmers out of business.

No more political restraints on responsible energy expooration independence. Open up America to responsible energy growth and hundreds-of-thousands of jobs will be created.

No more yielding to the Chinese and other nations on our economic welfare. America’s first interest in trade is and always must be what’s best for America.

No more punitive taxes on industry when what this country needs is a massive infusion of private capitol to reenergize our entire industrial base. Strike a deal to good to pass up. No corpoate taxes in return for jobs and reinvestment in American manufacturing and industry.

No more lax border enforcenmebnt and no more toleration of American businesses, states and municipalities condoning the harboring of illegal aliens on our shores.

No to all American subsidized social benefits to peopole in this country illegally. Those benefits are for needed Americans. The money pit is not limitless.

Embrace the word No to the socialization of our economy and the hate-filled class warfare rhetoric promoted by Democrats and their president.

Remember: those whoi think they can deal with the Devil don’t understand that the Devil doesn’t deal in percentages. Winners win. That’s a message timid Republicans don’t yet grasp.