A few tips to the candidates running for President.

Some advice from someone who worked in the political arena for many years.

We all know that Perry is not reading Romney’s book and neither is Romney reading Perry’s. So why do they both spend so much time in debates pointing to discrepencies, like two school boys in a rather foolish name-calling fight?  This game of “gotcha” has to stop. It makes Barak Obama look like the only adult on stage, even though he’s not even there .

Message to the candidates: Knock it off. It is petty, annoying to the audience, diminishing to your candidacy and downright childish.

The audience deserves better. The American people deserve better.

Here’s some free advice for Romney and Perry and others on the stage: Don’t allow the media to manipulate you into personal squabbles. After the last debate on FOX it was learned that before the show the panel of newscasters planned on how they would ignite a fight between Romney and Perry, and whoever else wanted to jump in. Presumably this made the news folks look pretty smart. It didn’t! But it sure made the candidates look pretty foolish. Ya think there might be more serious issues to discuss?

At the next debate when the media tries to steer different questions to different candidates, demand that each candidate be given a minute to answer every question. Don’t let the media get away with using their questions to embarrass any one of you. This is a presidential debate and the American public deserve to hear where each candidate stands on each issue: no rebuttals.

Speak up and speak back. don’t be separated from questions pertaining to the national agenda — and refuses to answer or take personal swipes at eacgh other. Keep your eyes on the ball and force the interrogators to ask serious questions.  That’s one of Newt’s best debating techniques. Learn from it.

Some advice for the candidates and why the base may still be looking for someone else.

Newt Gingrich : Continue as you are. You’re doing great. But where do you stand on giving state and federal aide to illegal immigrants? This could be your downfall. I suspecet you believe we can’t deport them all and may not even try. And how would this be fair to everyone waiting in line to enter this country legally? 

Michele Bachmann: Don’t look so tense. Relax and stop mouthing platitudes like “Barak Obama is a one-term president.” You’re not running for cheerleader of the freshman class but president of the United States. You are bright, articulate and conservative. You should be a contender, but your focus on platitudes is infuriating to potential supporters. Move on from Perry and look at the bigger picture. You made your point about Perry’s “opt out” std plan. Refuse to say any more on it.

Mitt Romney: Your marriage to appointing liberal judges and Romneycare in Massachusetts has doomed you with the base. Can you win without them? And how do you convince them that you won’t be the same moderate you were when you were governor? Your problem governor is that you can’t be trusted. People believe, rightly or wrongly, that you will say and do whatever it takes to get elected. Your “opt out” plan for states who want out of Obamacare is a ruse and everyone knows it. Tell us, will you keep Obamacare for those states that opt in? And isn’t that the same as keeping Obamacare’s 2,000 plus pages in play?

Rick Perry: You’re franchise on state benefits for illegal immigrants is a non-starter for you. You could have fallen off the stage sound asleep and won the debate if you first said, “The program will cease and illegal immigrants will be escorted back to the border where they will be told to enter this country legally, in line behind all those people who did the right thing.” Because you refuse to say that , like Romney, you have dealt a fatal blow to your aspirations for president. Being a Texas governor ain’t that bad, is it?

Ron Paul: A lot of what you say makes sense until you show your lack of a grasp on foreign policy. If it were only as easy as you suggest. It isn’t and that makes you woefully unprepared for a very important part of the job. Too bad.

Herman Cain: My God man, why haven’t you lete the people know that you have degree in mathematics, an advanced degree in computer science from Purdue and that you worked for the United States Navy designing computer software for ships, submarines and jet fighters. You need to work quickly. You really hurt yourself when questioned on a national TV show about your position on Afghanistan and Pakistan and you replied that you didn’t have all the facts.  You need a good background briefing on national defense issues and foreign policy. Demonstrate that you have this and you might go to the front of the line.

Rick Santorum: You look desperate. That’s not good. You always look like you want to pound the table. Try  doing something with your hands besides waving them in a fist for emphasis. Attacks on other candidates are bad. Stick to the issues, even when the question is not about an issue. Sadly, that constant grin doesn”t make you look very presidential.

John Huntsman: You’re looking pretty good, actually. But where do you stand on state and federal benefits for illegal immigrants and enforcing the laws we have on the books against businesses, states and cities that harbor them?

Gary Johnson: You are good on your feet, but your stance on legalizing drugs is going to set you far back for most people. You need to demonstrate that as President you would view the subject differently than you did as a candidate.

Buddy Roemer: They treat you as if you are not there, so your poll numbers will reflect this neglect. Too bad, you could go far in this mix.

The bottom line for Republican candidates for President is this: First, get the debates in order quickly and force the media to ask serious questions and give you all a chance to answer each question. Second, remember. it’s all about illegal immigration and Obamacare, and how serious you are about stopping the drain on the American dollar that goes to paying for their housing, medical care and education at the expense of American citizens who deserve your first consideration.

It may be about the economy in the general election and you will have plenty of time to distinguish yourself from Obama when the time comes, but right now, few of you have spoken forthrightly on the illegal immigrant problem. Each of you says you will enforce the borders, thinking the rest of us don’t know that you evaded the larger queastion about enforcemebt of the laws we have in place against businesses, states and cities that harbor illegals.