HRC's only purpose seems to be raising health care costs

For a while, I had no idea what Obamacare was supposed to accomplish.  Dems went into the whole process talking about the rising costs of health care, then quickly segued into talking about the millions who were not receiving coverage.

If either of the two topics were the main goal, you would think that this bill would accomplish either one.  But, it doesn’t reduce the costs and it doesn’t give everyone coverage.  What is it meant to do?

After reading Bob Herbert’s column (which I would say is a must read), I realized its goal was specifically to make health insurance more expansive.  The Dems had me fooled for a second when they talked about only talking “cadillac health insurance.”  I, of course, should have realized that that was a ruse.  With the rising costs of health, especially from Obamacare, EVERYONE is going to meet the “cadillac” price floor.

This bill is simply a way to get people to demand single-payer.  It doesn’t accomplish anything else.

Kill this bill!