Why does everyone think Ron Johnson is conservative?

Every day I read about Ron Johnson in the news, and every day I’m astonished that the media and his supporters consider him a “far right” candidate.  It just does not seem to add up.

Let’s review Johnson’s stances on the issues:

-He’s not 100% pro-life.  He allows for the three exceptions.

-He supports some sort of amnesty program that allows people who are here illegally but not committing crimes to stay here and have their employees pay a penalty for having them here.

-He originally supported licensing of guns, like cars “and stuff”, and even if he didn’t really mean that, he supports requiring permits for firearms.

-He thinks that “some stimulus” is okay.

-He supports REAL ID.

So he’s moderate on abortion, the 2nd amendment, stimulus, and illegal immigration.  I find it odd that people consider him “far right” when he seems more on par with moderate McCain.

In addition to his moderate stances, he’s committing gaffes left and right, giving Feingold all the ammo necessary to crush him should he make it past the primary.   I also have a feeling there is a lot more dirt about Johnson..but Feingold is holding his fire for now.

I have to wonder what the Republican Party of Wisconsin was thinking when they endorsed a candidate who they didn’t know, who didn’t know where he stood on the issues, and who is clearly not as intelligent as one would expect from a U.S. Senator who is supposed to make decisions on our behalf.  (Anyone see his comment on Greenland..being named Greenland because it used to be “green” ?)

So once again, we have a RINO trying to pass himself off as the extreme right, Tea Party candidate…

I blame sunspots.