I Refuse Left wing Salvation

I intend to tell you things, things that may make you despise me, but in this world we live in I feel it is my only option.

I drink too muchI sleep with immoral woman, I left the woman I love because I was scared to commit to herNow If I finished this with the simple phrase “and George Bush is an asshole” I know I would be forgiven. A light would come from the sky and I would be reborn, a brave and courageous man who overcame his dependence on booze and woman (or didn’t – the left is very forgiving) and realized the true path to salvation.

I infact know that if I had left my girlfriend Pregnant and alone I would be praised, for no matter how low you may sink you can always turn to the church of the left and say these simple words

“George Bush is a moron.”“The war on Iraq was conducted by an American desire for oil”

How I wish I could utter those simple words, how I wish I could embrace the official faith like all my friends have.

Why oh why am I obsessed with a voice in my head telling me “but that is not true” It speaks to me day and night, it tells me that.

“The war in Iraq was carried out because the CIA said that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, a story that Bill Clinton and most Democrats supported, until they realized it would be better for there careers if they cheered for an American defeat.”

It is hard to look Salvation in the eye and turn it down, I know the way I live my life is wrong, and I know that if I could embrace the left wing faith it would all be ok, but salvation without soul is not salvation at all.

Instead I will do what no great sinner has done before, I will refuse left wing salvation, I will defend President Bush and attack a fellow sinner, Presidential Nominee Obama who snorted cocaine and found salvation in the loving arms of the left.

I Pledge instead to drink less, to value woman for the companionship they can offer me, and to not murder them while driving across bridges.I intend to turn to the words of a radical man, a man who promises to forgive my sins, not because I admit my sins and add an idiotic political antidote but because I am a sinner who is trying to change.

A man who forgives me simply because I say to him “I am weak, I have sinned against you, and I am sorry, I am sorry for the mistakes I have made in the past, and for the mistakes I know I will make in the future”

I know I have to change, and I Know I can change, and after all isn’t that easier then pretending you enjoyed a PowerPoint presentation by Al Gore?