OK, now you've pi$$ed me off.

If I were advising Lisa Murkowski, and for all you know I am, this is what I’d do.  The Libertarians need a candidate to get 3% so they can stay on the general election ballot.  Lisa can do that, so their interests coincide.  So, Lisa Murkowski becomes the Libertarian nominee for US Senate.  At first I was thinking the Libertarians wouldn’t do it, but staying on the ballot is really important to them.  Think about that; hear the whup, whup, whup of the helicopter rotor above your head?

So, Miller was so into being the “true conservative” that he went batsh*t crazy on some issues.  The Democrats already have their “extremist” ads all tuned up and unfortunately, a lot of them are true.  I’ve told you all over and over that Alaska isn’t a conservative state as many of you define conservative; there’s a lot more bars and whorehouses than churches.  Libertarian plays really well here on most issues; they’ve just never had the organization to elect a lot of candidates.  Most of the Rs here are pretty much libertarian except on the economic issues due to Alaska’s unique governmental and revenue structure.

So, Miller has pinned himself into the far right corner, and he can’t get out because he and the Tea Party types spent a whole bunch of money telling everybody just how Lisa was a liberal and Joe wasn’t.  OK, that apparently got him a nomination, but he can’t walk it back  Joe Miller is stuck with everything he said while he was calling Sen. Murkowski a liberal.

The Democrats have their twenty and change percent of the committed vote; the rest they have to get from independents, 60% of the electorate, or disaffected Republicans; there ain’t gonna be a whole lot of disaffected Republicans in this one.  Miller’s pinned in the Right corner, McAdams, whoever the Hell he is, is pinned in the Left corner, and Lisa has the middle.   If Lisa jumps out into the L column, the Ds spend their money somewhere else because she still has a lot.  I don’t think the Libertarian Party has ever had a US Senator before, but is isn’t inconceivable now, thanks to all the “true conservatives.”  Oh, and the oppo research is going to have fun with Joe Miller.