Consent, Nullification, Secession; We've been here before

OK, wild words were flying around almost a year ago, too.  Unlike most here, I have some experience, at least ancestrally, with defying the United States.  Every one of my military aged ancestors fought for the Provisional Army of the Confederate States and I can, like any Southerer for whom the past isn’t dead, it isn’t even past, can rattle off their units, their commanders, and the details of their service.  I still remember my g/grandmother’s stories of Sherman’s troops in the yard.  I have my gg/grandfather’s letters home and the bloody Testament that was in his pocket when he was KIA in Mahone’s counterattack at The Crater. 

Some of my ancestors went from freeholders to tenant farmers and sharecroppers as the result of serving in the Army of Northern Virginia.  My gg/grandmother went from the relatively well-off wife of a teacher and successful farmer to the Indigent Widows and Orphans Relief list between 1864 and 1868 and re-married far “beneath her station” to keep body and soul together and her children fed and clothed.  Some of these diaries remind me of the Southern firebreathers saying that they could mop up all the blood that would be shed with their pocket handkerchiefs.

Here’s what I was thinking almost a year ago: http://www.redstate.com/achance/2009/04/06/election-consequences-april-6-1865-sailors-creek-virginia/