Comrade Obama Ain't Turnin' Right

Comrade Obama was put up by whatever shadowy financiers and rainmakers put him up to NOT be Bill Clinton.  Bill and Hill became good little communists smoking dope in Ivy League dorm rooms back in the ’60s.  It’s been largely forgotten but Bill’s got just as many questionable associates as Barry from his youthful political indiscretions.  He’s still got a trip to the old Soviet Bloc that he can’t explain and he was really, really cozy with lots of ChiComs, but he was a charmin’ devil that most of the women thought they could “change,” so he got away with it.

Hillary the Harridan, the Lady McBeth of Little Rock, wrote her thesis on Saul Alinsky.  You think she’s not a good little communist?  Why can’t we remember that the original Clintonista Agenda was pretty much as radical as Comrade Obama’s except the unions weren’t as big a piece of it.  When the Harridan failed to get HillaryCare and the Republicans took back the Congress for the first time since ’54, Bill decided that discretion was the better part of valor, put the Harridan in a closet, and made nice with the Right.

Barack Obama rather than Hillary Clinton was the Democrat nominee precisely because it is the expectations of his makers and string pullers that he WILL NOT do that.  Just like we had a bunch of stupid DC insiders and network talking heads blathering on His election about how He was going to govern to the center, we now have the same people who are famous for being famous, including some FOX ones that should be smarter, blathering about how the VA, NJ, and MA defeats are going to turn Comrade Obama right.  No, they’re going to turn him mean.  He may hold off on outright mean until after the ’10 election, but his job and his mission in life is to “transform” American into the neutered, socialist country that His makers desire.

In some ways we’re in a more frightful place now than we were on Monday.  OK, so they go all bipartisan and offer to compromise.  We’ve got plenty of stupid Republicans who’ll want to be nice and go along with all that.  So, the fury subsides.  Even Brown becomes a rainmaker and a concilliatory figure that “brings them together” – don’t rule it out, the guy has a politician’s ego and has spent waaaay too much time with McShame.  So, peace and love breaks out all over.  With a little help from the Ministry of Information, the MSM, the Administration convinces the ignorant middle that things are on the mend and before long Happy Days Will Be Here Again.  The Ds hold their majorities and unleash Hell in ’11.  If they can pass Card Check and Cap and Trade in ’11, American will no longer be a democracy in any meaningful sense in ’12 and the permanent Democrat rule has been established.

I know I’m paranoid, I just wonder if I’m paranoid enough, and so far, I’ve been pretty much right about what this lot was going to do.