A Disturbing Irony

My wife is in Anchorage tending to closing up my youngest stepson’s apartment, servicing and storing his car, and the miscellany of stopping one kind of life and starting another.  He did three years of active duty as an Army infantryman and has been out for about a year.  I can’t say I’m real proud of how he’s acquitted himself in civilian life but he’s kept a job and paid his own bills, including the very expensive DUI he managed to get.  Also can’t say that both of us haven’t thought from time to time that he might be better off back in the Army.

Couple of weeks before Christmas, the notice comes here, he hadn’t been much on those changes of address forms, that he’s been called back up to active duty for a stint in Iraq.  He spent Christmas and New Years with us and his brother came up from Seattle too.  They spent the holidays in a fin d’sicle orgy of dissipation but that’s what young guys do when they have a chance and then it was back up to Anchorage to get his stuff in order so he could report to Ft. Benning yesterday.  His mother couldn’t stand it so she went up to “help” him and see him off.  I had a nice long phone call with him before he caught the plane Saturday afternoon.  I’ve also had several very emotional conversations with my wife since she saw him last at Security at AIA.

Now here’s the irony and the part I really don’t like about this.  He’s a grown man and a well trained, well-equipped, and hopefully well-led American soldier.  He’s at least as safe carrying a SAW in Afghanistan or Iraq as he would be working on a fishing boat, oil rig, or construction site in Alaska.  I worry about him but not really a lot more than you worry about any young man who really hasn’t settled down to a house and a good woman.  But, his life and my and my wife’s lives are being disrupted and his put at risk so that he can go to Iraq to make sure that they can have a free and fair election in March.  I’m pretty much OK with American soldiers giving the people of Iraq that opportunity.  What I want to know is if my son’s Commander in Chief is going to allow the people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to have a free and fair election tomorrow, and I have exactly zero confidence that He will.