Sometimes I'm so good I just scare myself!

So, way back in February when the news was all about Aah-nold getting a grip on those CA state employee unions and furloughing employees to save money I wrote this: http://www.redstate.com/achance/2009/02/07/californias-forced-time-off-plan/

Today, I read in the McClatchey rag, Anchorage’s California based newspaper, this: http://www.adn.com/nation/story/1075115.html

I missed it a bit because I’m not real up on CA’s wierd public labor laws and they got it from a judge rather than an arbitrator. Now, CA already didn’t get whatever work the 50K employees might have done and now they have to pay them. I suspect at least some of them have all sorts of penalty pay provisions in their agreements to make sure they get paid for the inconvenience of not getting paid right to begin with as well.

And some of you wonder why I sometimes have a bad disposition; I dealt with people like this for 30 years!