At Least Sarah Palin Listens to Me

Those of you who know my stuff know that I have long advocated that Republicans boycott the axes of evil from Boston to DC and from Seattle to San Diego.  Nobody in any of those places is ever going to support a Republican and every thing you say and do gets filtered through a hostile left wing media.  Republicans should make news in the places where they can get votes and from which they serve.  If the WaPo, NYT, LAT, and the “big three” TV networks want to cover Republicans, their reporters need to learn to think of a Holiday Inn as a luxury hotel.

Sarah Palin is going to Chicago and NYC for some specific TV appearances but beyond that, her book tour is strictly through flyover country; in other words, the places where people vote for Republicans.  The Anchorage Daily Worker’s, er, News’ story is here: http://www.adn.com/palin/story/1000006.html

It’s well known that I am no great fan of Sarah Palin as Governor of Alaska, but she has demonstrated a keen sense of the issues and style of political action that resonates with our core constituencies.  This book and speaking tour will allow her to speak directly to the base without having to modulate her message for a hostile audience or have it filtered by a hostile media.  All of that is a good thing!

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