Dating a Recently Separated Woman: An Analogy

Now I’m from the generation that most of you think destroyed America.  I was educated by the National Defense Education Act and did Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n Roll in the ’60s.  I left college as a dope-smoking, FM radio listening, liberal Democrat.  Then I met Life.

But no matter what many of you think of people of my generation, I pretty much did it right.  After a period of youthful adventure and excess, I got married, settled down, raised a kid, and made payments; every American’s duty.  I did what I was ‘sposed to do for 17 years.  Though I was no angel and lived on the road a lot, I always came home and her cut always came off the top.  But, women of the ’60s being as they are, she needed “more space,” a euphemism for body parts unknown, so she took off and left me as a single father of a teenaged daughter.  Life gets real tough with that kind of unrelenting responsibility.

So, I was single, had a nice house, nice car, and a good income; ‘course I did have that kid.  For a while if they weren’t under 25 and didn’t have a belly I could bounce a quarter on, I wasn’t interested, but then I figured out that I did kinda miss talking to them, and I started dating “older” women.  That means, you’re dating her past; boyfriends and husbands, kids usually, and a whole lot of attitude, but they do know what goes where and why.  And that’s when I learned a vital lesson.  Women often run from marriages or relationships and seek “comfort” where they can find it.  That isn’t as sexist as it sounds; women need a reason, men usually just need a place.  And, I entered the world of separated and divorced women.  Not coincidentally, the single largest demographic that supported Comrade Obama.

Now I gotta’ admit, a recently separated or divorced woman is a lot of fun.  She’s either looking to make up for everything she thinks she was missing or she’s trying to rub her ex-to-be’s nose in what she’s doing.  Either way it’s fun so long as you don’t think about it too much.

So, America had a fairly long period of responsible adulthood from Reagan through Bush I.  It had a fling on the side with that dashing and charming Slick Willie; you could just hear all of them saying, “I can change him; he wouldn’t cheat on me.”  But then they came back to dull, responsible life with GWB for awhile.  But after eight years, they needed “more space.”  This adulthood crap with all of its limitations and responsibility just sucks!  And there was all this adventure and hope and change out there just waiting if you only just soaped up that ring and got out there.  And so they did; ring in the pocket, marriage vows forgotten; time to have a little “change.”

And what us old guys who’d been through this understood was you had to be really, really careful with somebody looking for a little “change.’  So, America went out and got a little “change,” and maybe has just discovered that it ain’t much different and maybe is worse.  What you always had to worry about when you’d just been that “change” was she’d get herself a whole bunch of guilty conscience and go home to ex-to-be and confess all.  That’s when he and his friends Smith and Wesson came looking for YOU.

The cuckholded husband and his friends just went out looking for Comrade Obama tonight.  A lot of people didn’t like the hard, narrow path of personal responsibilty and the difficult duty of seeing our way through a war in a barbarous land.  They thought all they had to do was go out and get themselves a little “change.”  It has one Helluva price.

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