A Field Guide to Communists

Marxist, socialist, communist, Leninist, Stalinist, Trotskyite are all being thrown around fast and loose and often wrongly.  So, let us get our communists sorted out.  I only know the broad strokes and bright colors about the old time, hard line communists of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries.  In that era you have the inheritors of Marx and Hegel and lots of talk of dialectic materialism and the like.  Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin all are of that ilk.  Trotsky and Stalin parted company over Stalin’s “bureaucratization” of communism.  Stalin set the pattern for the authoritarian communist state by harnessing the apparatus of the state to the Party.  He and Hitler were cut from the same cloth in this regard.  Trotsky was more the free-wheeling revolution for the sake of revolution type.  Cuba and North Korea are today’s inheritors of the Stalinist mold.   Mao was some of both; the enduring revolution and the Stalinist bureaucratic state.  Trotsky with a dash of Mao was more the model for today’s home grown communists in the US.

Obama and HRC, and most of their minions and handlers/backers are the incarnation of the Saul Alinsky model of stealth radicals.  Alinsky was more of the Trotskyite and was once aligned with the Socialist Workers Party, the Trotskyite wing of American communism.  Alinsky was not, however, a doctrinaire Soviet-style communist.  Alinsky took a lot from the Italian communist thinker, Gramsci, and turned to organizing institutions and recruiting “clean and articulate” young disciples who could “pass,” to use an old Black term, in business, education, media, and government and could get to positions of power as stealth communists.  It is no accident that Hillary Clinton wrote her thesis on Alinsky; she’s a prime example of the Alinsky model stealth communist.  She and Slick Willie would have been just as crazy left as Comrade Obama is if they hadn’t overplayed their hand leading to the Republican takeover in ’94, which act thwarted the Revolution for the remainder of Clinton’s terms, leaving him nothing much to do but play with interns.

Only the fact that the MSM are fellow travellers allowed Comrade Obama to reach power; he has too much of a record as a radical, too many radical associations, and has said too much, particularly in his first book, to be a true stealth communist as Alinsky envisioned one.  But, we on the right could not yell loud enough for a deaf, dumb, blind, and stupid voting public to hear what kind of person they were poised to elect.  And that idiot McCain was too interested in being liked by his “friends” in DC.  So, we have a practicing communist as President and he is surrounded by practicing communists, some more stealthy than others, and some not stealthy enough, e.g., Van Jones.  Shuffling HRC off to State is a Stalinist touch, sort of a kinder, gentler version of the axe that Stalin had put in Trotsky’s head.

Taking a lesson from WJC’s failure, communists are good at learning from their failures, Comrade Obama would, I’m sure, liked to finesse things a lot more, but he has lost control of things to the unions’ greed for power and to the Democrat crazies in the House.  Hopefully, he won’t be able to rein them in and they will so disgust even the stupid members of the res publica that we can wrest one body away from them in ’10.  If we don’t, welcome to the Peoples’ Republic of America.