September 8th, a Red State Holiday

The National Extortion, er, Education, Association is a, perhaps the, bulwark of the Democrat Party.  As many as a third or even more of the delegates at a Democrat National Convention are NEA members most years.  It is fair to say that most here and most having conservative/Republican views do not share the worldview of the NEA and at most tolerate sending our children to government schools for lack of a better option.

Now, Comrade Obama wants to make it official that our characterization of public schools as indoctrination camps is, indeed, a correct characterization with his “appearance” in the schools on September 8th.  The Ministry of Information, the NEA, and various groups of fellow travellers are all circulating all the ways to make this a “teachable moment” for America’s children.

Well I don’t want that man to teach America’s children anything.  I don’t want America’s mostly communist, even if they don’t know it, teachers to teach America’s children anything about that man.  I don’t want America’s children to have to listen to the lying siren songs of Comrade Obama, the Democrat Party, and the NEA.  Of course, September 8th will practically be a National Holiday in the Blue States and no business will be done in the schools except the adoration of the Dear Leader, Comrade Obama.

I propose an alternative in the Red States, the ones that have Republican governors anyway.  Most, maybe all, governors have the authority to declare a state holiday.  Holiday doesn’t have its old meaning of a Holy Day – unless you’re a Democrat, but a governor’s declaration of a holiday generally causes all legal and governmental business to cease on that day.  So, rather than subject the children of the Red States to a day of indoctrination at the hands of the NEA and Comrade Obama, I propose that we give them a day at home with their family and friends.

Most labor agreements and state and local personnel statutes contemplate a gubernatorially declared holiday.  They also usually have some pretty hefty holiday pay if the employees have to actually work on a declared holiday.  So, if the Red State governors declare the 8th to be a holiday, those school districts that remain in session that day will incur some fairly serious costs for holiday pay.  The school boards and school administrations can answer to the taxpayers for that, a good thing in itself.

So, a week is a very short time to put something like this together and our Republican governors are, in the main, little if any more courageous than our Republican CongressCritters, but at least this will give us something to talk about and a way to pull the tiger’s tail.  Comrade Obama really shouldn’t be trying to teach our children and the NEA and the other fellow travellers shouldn’t be colluding with him in doing so.  Shutting down the schools in the Red States on that day seems appropriate.