The Days Are Getting Shorter

Now this doesn’t mean much to those of you down in the 30s and 40s, that’s degrees of lattitude, but for those of us in the 50s and 60s, June 21st or so means something.  The summer soltice brings me 18 hours and change of Sun above the horizon daylight, and it never really gets dark overnight, such as night is; as I write this at 2:30 AM, it isn’t really dark outside, I couldn’t read the paper, but I wouldn’t stumble over things.

For a few days on either side of the solstice, the Earth sorta’ wobbles and the days are about the same length.  After that, at the high lattitudes, the days begin to get shorter precipitously; by August we’ll be losing more than six minutes of daylight every day, almost an hour every week.  In the three months from the solstice on or about June 21st to the eqinox on or about September 21st, we go from over 18 hours of daylight to 12 hours of daylight.  From the Fall equinox to the Winter solstice, we go from twelve hours of daylight to about six.  And in a land of mountains and valleys, you don’t see that low Sun for much of that six hours.  Because of the surrounding terrain, in December I see the Sun, if it is sunny, from about noon to about two PM, max.

Probably most of you weren’t really interested in a solar geometry lesson on a political blog, but as some of you might have noticed, I’ve almost sworn off politics.  We lost and we lost in the worst way and to the worst sort of person and party; we may well never get America back after Comrade Obama’s regime.  But life goes on.  I live in a Red State and until they come and nationalize the oil, we’ll live pretty well and even though the US has a huge presence here, the State is just too big and daunting for a bunch of wimps from DC to really govern, but there is a fin d’siecle air to things.

As a longtime bureaucrat, “Since the house is burning, I’ll keep warm” was a good motto.  The house is burning, but gas is still relatively cheap and the fish are biting.  I burned a hundred gallons of Tesoro’s finest yesterday and today and caught a few of the wily and elusive King Salmon.  I’m burning some of AmeriGas’s propane to smoke those fish so I’ll have good smoked fish and salmon dip for football games and NASCAR races this fall and next winter.  Damn, I must have an awful carbon footprint; guess they’ll eventually be coming for me over that.

But, untill then, I’m going to do what I do.  People like us, living the way we do, are the ultimate affront to the urban castrati and their ugly prunefaced, sexless women.  Go burn some gas, catch a fish, or kill a deer, make a baby,  or something.  Do something you’re not supposed to do in Comrade Obama’s world.  And remember; the Sun also rises.