Surrendering My Freedom of Speech - for awhile.

I just turned over three years here.  When I made my first post here I was a very unhappy member of the Murkowski Administration trying to figure out what I wanted to do.  As it turned out, I retired and did nothing; it was summertime, the living was easy, fish were jumping, and the cotton was high- so to speak.

After many years of misrule, Anchorage has a new Republican mayor and maybe we can do some good things.  So, I’m going to try to figure out what those good things are and see if we can do them.  Everything I’ve ever said here was simply my opinion as a private person.  I can Google as well as the next one and I well know how some here have tried to make my opinion into that of the “Alaska old boys,” but really it’s not; I know them, like them, but I’m not one of them.  It ain’t all about Sarah Palin.  What I’ve thought about Alaska doings and happenings was just what I as a private citizen thought; don’t try to pin it to anybody, ’cause I don’t do that subordinate stuff real well and you can’t readily tie me to anyone.

So, I’m going to do what every one of you who is serious about politics should be doing; I’m getting out of my bathrobe and going to work.  Since I’m doing that, my words are no longer my own, so there won’t be any words.  I’ve greatly enjoyed the comraderie here and the free exchange of ideas, even with the people with whom I often vehemently disagree.  There are some very smart, hard-working, good, yes, really good, people here.  All of you ought to get off your keyboards and go find some Republican to work for or run for office yourself, if your name’s on the door, you don’t have anybody to blame.

Nothing in the political game lasts that long, so I wont’ be gone all that long and I’ll just say, “I’ll be seeing you.”  And a Google will find me, and I usually even answer emails.  ’till the next time.