Anchorage Muncipal Election Results: Walt Monegan's Short Career

Anchorage, Alaska’s Municipal election was today.  Like most cities in Alaska, ANC holds its municipal election on the first Tuesday after the second Monday after the third full moon in Aquarius or some such so nobody knows there’s an election except public employees and people with their hooves in the trough.  Consequently, here in what until recently was the reddest of Red States, the cities are all firmly in Democrat hands and have been for years.  The one thing that we could do to enhance Republican governance around the Country would be to move in the states we control to have all elections on the State general election day. Yes, it would make a more complicated ballot, but hopefully that would disenfranchise more stupid people who would likely vote Democrat.

Anyway, Matt Sulivan leads handily in the Mayor’s race but doesn’t have enough votes to avoild a run-off.  Boy Senator Begich, when he was mayor, got the Assembly to require a 45% vote to avoid a runoff.  Before that you had to have a majority, and Marky was worried going for his second term.  He needn’t worry now; he be a US Senator and stuff.  Sullivan is the son of longtime, Pipeline Era Mayor, George Sullivan.  The old man was a Democrat but of the sort you could like.  The son seems to be cut from the same cloth.  A pretty conservative Democrat but firmly beholden to the city unions, especially the cops and the IBEW.  Second place is held by Eric Croft, former Democrat member of the House of Representatives as was his father before him.  Croft is much further to the left than Sullivan though when he was in the House he sponsored Alaska’s carry unless prohibited law.  In Alaska even liberal Democrats are NRA Life Members.

To those of you who follow things Palin, the Governor’s old nemesis, former Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan, launched his electoral career by running for Anchorage Mayor.  It didn’t turn out so well as it didn’t break double digits.  Funny how all those people who are your best friends and who really want you to run for the highest offices just disappear when you’ve finished with your “great service” to them.  I bet he really thought that AFSCME and PSEA were really going to propel him to the mayor’s seat in return for his services in the last general election.  Monegan broke the foremost rule of Alaska politics: Make sure the @#$%ing you get on the way up is worth the [email protected]#$ing you get on the way down.  We’ll see if he runs for anything again.  The results are here:http://www.adn.com/cityelection/story/751872.html