Loved I Not Honor More

There is a wonderful, eye-misting scene in Gods and Generals in which Col. Chamberlain is explaining to his reluctant wife why he took the commission in the Union Army and is leaving her to go to war.  Together, they recite the words of Lovelace’s “To Lucasta, On Going to War:”

    Tell me not, sweet, I am unkind
    That from nunnery
    Of thy chaste breast and quiet mind,
    To war and arms I fly. 
    True, a mew mistress now I chase,
    The first foe in the field;
    And with a stronger faith embrace
    A sword, a horse, a shield. 
    Yet this inconstancy is such
    As you too shall adore;
    I could not love thee, dear, so much,
    Loved I not honor more.

    This came to my mind as the result of an ongoing discussion I’ve had with my wife this weekend.  I spent last Thursday and Friday in the maw of the beast: Seattle, WA.  I was there to attend a conference on the current state of labor arbitration and what I was really doing was looking to spread some business cards around – and also to see my daughter and oldest step-son and call the trip a business trip.  I’ve been to dozens of these things over the years; you need to go from time to time to see what the guy or woman at the head of the table is thinking.  Most arbitrators used to try to play it “fair and balanced,” with a little lean towards the unions because there are lots more union staffers than employer staffers who pay to go to these things and the arbitrators try to keep their customers happy.  That’s all changed!  I’m sure I was one of maybe half a dozen people in a room of several hundred who voted for McCain/Palin.  It wasn’t a place where you’d go around saying that you were once a Republican officeholder or even that you represented an employer.  The only Employer reps who were there who had their company name on their badges were a group from a healthcare company who were there as a group with their union conterparts as a part of their collaborative effort to engage in Hahvud’s interest based bargaining ruse.  I didn’t wear a badge and kept my mouth shut mostly.  The arbitrators themselves were openly political; making jokes about the evil Bush Days now thankfully behind us and basically taking the union line on most things with just enough “objectivity” to make themselves not look like complete shills.  Obviously, they see card check on the horizon and are getting ready for BHO’s Brave New World.  Which brings me to my conversations with my wife.  

    I’m about ready to put on the cammos and sling my guns over my shoulder.  As an alternative to that, I’m pretty serious about going into “Have Gun, Will Travel” mode and starting to work for employers around the Country as they gird for battle with the resurgent and government backed unions.  Frankly, that will be a very, very lucrative but also very dangerous business.  My wife loves money, but she is having none of this.  Her view is that since the house is burning, I should keep warm and either be an arbitrator, go to work for the FMCS or NLRB, or even become a union rep.  Her sense is that for the time horizon for me at my age, there is no future in being on the pro-employer side of the ditch; the employers, the conservatives, and, especially, the Republican Party have failed and why would I want to take over as the leader of the dance band on the already sinking Titanic.

    The days of a man’s being the pater familias and with a sweet poem and a kiss leaving his dutiful wife behind to tend the homefires are pretty much gone in America.  Yes, the military wives and families still do it, but they are a miniscule minority and have their own problems on this front.  Opposing the Obama Revolution is going to be an economically dangerous business; the government is powerful enough under even better circumstances that you really don’t want to get crossthreaded with it.  Being openly in opposition to the Revolution is almost immediately going to be a threat to your liberty and perhaps even your life in the Blue cities and states.

    There has never been any civil disobedience of any scale from the Right; it just isn’t the way we do things.  Only the abortion foes have done much of it and at times they’ve been handled pretty roughly.  Rest assured that if we start having protests of any size in the Blue places, and that would be most cities, they aren’t just going to herd us up out of sight of the cameras and let us go as soon as the media leaves the way they do lefty protesters.  The cops know this, the lefties know this, so nobody gets hurt except when the ocassional lunatic shows up.  We aren’t going to have this deal with the city governments and they will want to unleash Hell on us.  The cops will follow orders, at least at first.

    If you become known as an organizer or leader of the counter-revolutionaries, get used to that designation, you’d better learn to have your head on a swivel; you’re going to have your own personal, private cop and, if you’re big enough, IRS Agent or even FBI Agent.  Unfortunately, between the War on Drugs and the War on Terror, America has become very, very militarized even in the “civilian” law enforcement arena.  Consequently, there is already the structure of a very effective State Security function in place and we may live to regret some of those tools we felt comfortable with giving GWB.  So, you’re with the Young Republicans and an activist and you’re off from Dallas to Atlanta for a Tea Party, but the nice TSA guy starts to pay you particular attention and the next thing you know, you’re hustled off to a windowless office for some quality time with some nice guys from the FBI because you might be thinking violent thoughts about the Revolution.  We thought it was OK to treat potential terrorists this way not so long ago, didn’t we?  And by the way, you’ll never be able to fly again and you’ll never really get an answer to why your name is on that list.

    I lived most of my adult life with the certain knowledge that there were lots of people who’d just love to drop a dime on me to my boss or my wife and I lived accordingly, or tried to.  But, the most they could do, or even wanted to do, was embarass me or my boss or maybe get me fired; they couldn’t and really didn’t want to put me in jail.  If the BHO Revolution keeps going in the direction it’s headed now, there is going to be strident opposition and many of those people, including some reading, or maybe writing, this are going to become enemies of the State.

    There are lots of people who voted against and are willing to work against BHO who share their life with someone who either supported him or at least can’t see any danger in what he’s doing.  Women supported him in significant numbers, including lots of married women whose husbands might not see things the same way.  There are lots of families in America who have choices to make.  I’m going to have to work this out with my wife and I know that an old poem and romantic notions about good and right and patriotism and stuff like that may not be enough to get her to agree to just tend the homefires.  I don’t think I’m alone.