What I like most about Alaska

Those of you who watch much TV have probably seen some breathless reporting about the Mt. Redoubt volcano near Anchorage.  The old b*$(h caused me to spend a week in Fairbanks at forty below some years ago and either Redoubt or Augustine caused me to spent about ten days trying to get home from Anchorage.  Comes with the territory.  Here’s a poll of Anchorage residents’ thoughts and preparations about the impending eruption:  http://www.thealaskastandard.com/?q=node/514  The picture is way cool from the last time it blew.  A KAL 747 flew through the ash cloud.  I was at TED STEVENS Anchorage International Airport when the ’47 made it in after having its engines snuffed by the ash and dropping over twenty thousand feet before the crew could air start the engines.  The plane was totalled, but it made it in.

Anyway, people stock up, take precautions, and life goes on.  We don’t need no effin’ government.