Revanchist 101 - So, you want a counter-revolution.

Now, I know some of you think that I and a few others are whack jobs over our assertions that we are in the midst of a coup d’etat.  The Manchurian Candidate fully intends to make the US into a socialist state with a Labor Party made possible by card check and an alliance between that Labor Party and the Democrats.  I know you don’t believe it, but believe it.  I’m not certain that he CAN do it, but I am certain that He and, more importantly, the people who pull His strings want to do it.  And I can only add that I’ve spent most of my adult life dealing with communist-trained union and community organizers – most of you haven’t.

First, we shorten our lines and essentially abandon DC.  I advocated this long before the Obama Revolution, but Republicans really need to make news in Republican states, not in enemy territory.  Republican CongressPeople show up for committee meetings (most anyway) and votes.  The rest of the time, they’re home in the district talking to the folks.

The point of the counter-revolutionary spear is the Republcan governors and attorneys general.  Every state that has a Republican executive or a Republican legislature should declare war on the Democrat Party and its union and non-profit allies.

There isn’t a union in America whose dues structure could withstand Constitutional scrutiny under either the federal or state constitutions.  States should go after those dues and not leave it to poor individual employees to protect their right not to participate in the “social, fraternal, and political” activities of unions through compelled dues.

If you’re a right to work state, sue the unions in federal court for using their compelled dues in your state to promote “social, fraternal, and political” activities.  This one has a pretty good chance in the federal judiciary.

Turn down the federal money and enforce the federal rules on money you accept.  Republican governments are funnelling money to all sorts of Democrat front groups in the form of non-profits that are fed by government.  Audit them!  Make them file their reports!  If they won’t file their reports, and most can’t, cut off the money.  If you can credibly charge them, put some of them in jail.  I’ll guarantee you that with a small team of auditors, I could put ANYBODY in America that receives public funds in jail.

Make them pay taxes.  Just because they’re tax exempt under the IRS’ rules doesn’t mean they live up to your state’s standards for tax exemption.  If you’re an income tax state, revoke their tax-exempt status in your state if they play politics – and they all do.  If you’re not an income tax state – listen Governor Palin – pass an income tax that singles them out and taxes all that wonderful tax free money they get from elsewhere.

I can go on for a while, but if I’m going to write a book – and I am, I’m going to get paid for it.

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