Stevens Trial: FBI Whistleblower Alleges Prosecutorial Misconduct

The Anchorage Daily News story is here: http://www.adn.com/news/politics/fbi/stevens/story/631518.html

A five year FBI agent assigned to the Alaska corruption team has alleged in an internal DOJ Whistleblower complaint that investigators “got too close to sources, took gifts and favors from sources, and revealed confidential grand jury and investigation information to sources and reporters” inter alia.

I’ve been around government long enough to have a good ear for trial by leak and it was evident in the state level investigations as well as in the Stevens investigation that the FBI was manipulating the story and feeding info to the media at strategic times.  Senator Stevens, who lost by only a little over 3K votes even with the conviction, has moved that the conviction be dismissed or that he be granted a new trial.

What’s interesting is that the State has a similar filing requirement though here failure to file is a misdemeanor rather than a felony.  Senator elect Begich got nailed for failing to file reports of gifts and benefits recently and had to pay a substantial fine.  Things just work differently for Democrats I guess.