2012? Think January 2009

It’s not flattery. It’s precisely what we’re trying to encourage: hence, the promotion from diaries. – Moe Lane

Take the Holidays off, enjoy your family, and go to your January precinct or district meeting. Learn to organize a precinct or a district; it’s a lot harder but a lot more productive than philosophizing.

I’ve never done that sort of work as a Republican. By the time I switched parties, I was a fairly high level bureaucrat, worked mostly with Party officers and officeholders, and I was prohibited by law from holding party office. I did a lot of the grunt work and organizing as a Democrat many years ago, so I still know how!

Frankly, this and a couple of other blogs are pretty much as close to politics as I’ve come since I left the Murkowski Administration in disgust in ’06. Gave Palin the obligatory political appointee level contribution and put up a sign, but that was it.

After the occupation of Alaska by the FBI and the results of this election, I showed up at the District meeting last Thursday. My suburban Juneau district was the ONLY Republican pickup in Alaska.

Now, I’m going to turn my hand to the grunt work, probably at the precinct level first and I’m going to do it the old-fashioned Democrat way; I’m going to work with my new legislator and we’re going to be “fixers.” Got a pothole, give us a call. Having trouble with a permit? Give us a call. Need a job? We’ll help, though there’s not much patronage at the legislative level, you can “help.”

I don’t even want to speculate about who’ll be running for what in 10 or 12, but I’ll guarantee you one thing; they won’t be running without having been thoroughly vetted by the Republican voters of my precinct and district! I’ve had all I’m going to take of the failures of the largely self-selected leadership cohort of the Republican Party – NO MORE Bob Doles or John McCains!