The End of Ted Stevens

Well, for all of those who hate him; be happy, Ted Stevens’ career is over. Mark Begich will be the first Democrat to hold a federal office from Alaska since 1980. The Democrats should give the Public Integrity Section and the SAIC their “Bureaucrat of the Century” award. The rest of us may be permitted to wonder just who GWB thought was supposed to be running the USDOJ. I’ll guarantee you that with a small team of auditors, I could put ANY elected or appointed official in America in jail, and I wouldn’t even need a DC jury.

So, embrace the suck, only two to go and we have a dictatorship.

Post Script: The smart thing now would be for TS to give up and resign his seat and for Gov. Palin to appoint Begich to complete his term. That would give Begich a seniority advantage over other freshment. But, of course, that would require some of that thinking stuff, so it ain’t likely to happen.