Tis Not In Our Stars But In Ourselves Dear Republicans.

We didn’t just slink home with our thing in our hands because we were wrong on policy. Nobody knows what Obama’s policies are. Nobody knows what McCain’s policies are. Both of them ran a pretty much policy free campaign. The American people are too damned dumb to participate in a policy discussion. They don’t want to hear it, don’t care about it, get bored when they have to listen to it. They vote for the guy who didn’t make them listen to it.

The Republican Party lost this election over three, maybe four, things: Katrina, corruption, WMD, and, maybe, bin Laden. They had not been able to lay a hand on us until Katrina. Wasn’t fair, wasn’t right, but they drew blood over the allegations of incompetence in dealing with Katrina. I don’t think the fed was any less competent than it normally is in dealing with Katrina, but the Bush Administration plumbed an all new depth of incompetence in dealing with the media during Katrina. You can’t be corrupt and be a Republican. Democrats are definitionally “good people,” so when they’re corrupt it is either a misunderstanding, serendipity, or a personal matter. Republicans are definitionally grasping, filthy, greedy capitalists, so everybody is looking for us to stick our hand in the till or our pen in company ink.

I don’t know what to make of the WMD thing. I know Iraq had WMD. I know that every intelligence service in the Western World believed he had WMD. I know the Democrats believed he had WMD. My personal belief is that while we were masturbating with the UN, the Iraqis and the Soviets, excuse me, Russians, moved it all to Syria and back to Russia. Doesn’t matter: Bush Lied, People Died stuck.And finally, there is Osama bin Laden. He’s dead, has been for a long time. But if GWB had had his head in a jar in his lower right desk drawer, he couldn’t have told anyone. Should he have produced bin Laden’s head, American troops would have immediately been withdrawn from everywhere this side of Detroit.

Of all the above, the most telling damage, the damage that sank the ship, was the incompetence and corruption. The successful Democrat attacks on Republican competence and on our corrupt representatives caused the People to lose faith in our ability to govern. The People don’t want to think about policy and politics. So long as they think that whomever is in charge is taking care of things, they’ll let them stay in charge. We let the Ds convince the People that we weren’t taking care of things – Hell, we weren’t taking care of things! Once the idea permeated the res publica that the Rs weren’t taking care of things, there was only one option for a very uninvolved electorate: hope and change.

We political junkies who hang out in places like this love this stuff; real people HATE it. They just want to be comfortable and they don’t want to think about any of this stuff. Whichever party makes them think about it loses. We made the People think about politics. They didn’t like it. Now we get to live with hopeandchange.