Embrace The Suck!

With all due respect to my more collegial compatriots here, there is no place in the new regime for a “loyal opposition.” BHO will be eaten alive by his base if he is not a revolutionary. We who have opposed him are by definition the counterrevolutionaries. Why in the World would anyone believe that he would not be what he demonstrably has always been? Anyone who voted for BHO who was not either a Black Nationalist or a committed communist is a deluded fool. Obviously, America has a majority comprised of useful idiots.

With any other candidate, I would counsel just putting the nose to the grindstone and looking to the next election. Not this one! This one has no choice but to carry out a revolution in the first hundred days and burn the bridges behind him. I have long posited here that Republicans’ greatest problem is their absolute inability to actually run a government. Democrats do not have that problem. We are about to see the bureaucratic and legislative version of “shock and awe,” and those fine, friendly, fat old men on the Republican side of the aisle will throw down their weapons and accoutrement and run. The Blacks, the unions, and the left will get their entire wish list, even the things that they’re not really sure they want.

We need to prepare for a federal invasion of our Red states. BHO will do what the feckless GWB never did; turn the resources of the federal government against his opposition. Turn the federal auditors and investigators on the Red states and within two years it will be a crime to have ever been a Republican elected or appointed official anywhere in the Country. I’ve watched as an SAIC and US Attorney that GWB should have sent to either outer darkness or New Jersey has fundamentally altered the political calculus in my state. Your turn is coming and for you it won’t be because of Administration incompetence, it will be with malice aforethought.

It will be a very long time before there is any substantive conservative or Republican presence on the national stage. We are about to be sent to the dustbin of history by the Democrats and the Democrat media. The One and his mouthpieces will deny our existence, therefore we will not exist. There will be no oppostion to a BHO regime because no one will speak of oppostion just as no one would speak of the emptiness of that well-tailored metrosexual suit. For the last twenty-one months, we have seen the future – and it works. We’re just not a part of it.