The Irrepressible Conflict

However this turns out, neither side will accept it. The Ds have run their polling chimera well enough to convince their supporters that they’re going to win in a landslide. The Rs have pointed out the registration and voting fraud well enough to convince their supporters that a D win would have been procured by fraud. Whoever wins will face the Presidency with a substantial minority, maybe even a majority, of the res publica believing that their tenure in office is illigitimate.

RedState readers have honored me by promoting both my recent diaries on the division of the states. We really do face a house divided. I could not and would not live in San Francisco or New York. San Franciscans and New Yorkers would not live here – not long any way.

The title of the piece is from Seward – we just celebrated the US taking possession of Alaska on October 17th. Seward said: “The unmistakable outbreaks of zeal which occur all around me show that you are earnest men-and such a man am I. Let us, therefore, at least for a time, pass all secondary and collateral questions, whether of a personal or of a general nature, and consider the main subject of the present canvass. The Democratic party, or, to speak more accurately, the party which wears that attractive name-is in possession of the federal government. The Republicans propose to dislodge that party, and dismiss it from its high trust.”

That my friends is the issue. Shall we dislodge the Democrats from possession of the federal government and from its “High trust.”

BHO and his disciples want to “transform” America. I and a lot of people like me in flyover country like Amerca just the way it is. BHO wants to “spread the wealth around,” well, that’s my wealth he’s talking about and I’d like to keep it for myself and give any that might be left to my kids – not some kids in some foreign country.

I have flirted with what some dismiss as the lunatic fringe with both my recent posts on whether the current “crisis” is manufactured and my posing an analogy to 1860. In 1860 a Southerner’s wealth was slaves, and a new Administration threatened to eliminate that wealth. Today, a middle income American’s wealth is their home and their retirement; we’ve all just seen what can happen to the value of those, haven’t we? You’ve all just had a nice demonstration of how you can be bankrupted if you don’t turn all your affairs over to the Government.

Just as Biden predicts a test, I’ll make a prediction too. The stock market will skyrocket on November 5th if BHO wins. This is the narrative they’re working; McCain up in the polls, the market goes down. We’re writing a new history; BHO is the new FDR who saved America. You know; that’s just not an America I want to live in.

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