Is the Market Crash Manufactured?

And this really is a question; I really don’t know if any person or more probably group is powerful enough to drive the markets down significantly. It’s just that I don’t much believe in coincidence in politics and government, and this all came essentially from nowhere and conveniently after the conventions.

Anyone with a brain knew that the housing bubble couldn’t and shouldn’t last. We’ve known that for a long time and the housing market has been softening for some time. Yet, unemployment remains low, actual foreclosures remain low, and most importantly, the houses are still standing and have intrinsic value. Thus, everything based on those houses and mortgages has some intrinsic value. While the market price of those houses and mortgages may be less than the “Flip This House” days, that lessened value is only realized if one must sell the house, the mortgage, or the deriviatives of the mortgages. Some of those things likely must be sold on a given day, but certainly there is no rational reason for ALL of them to be sold.

At the risk of sounding a little Ronulan, neither fiat currency nor securities have any intrinsic value; they’re worth what you can get someone to pay for them or what you can buy with them. We know that some people closely associated with the Democrats generally and Obama specifically are known for trying to manipulate currency. We know that the Democrats and the media have done everything in their power to “talk down” the economy for the last eight years. We know that the Democrats rode a faux recession to eight years of power in ’92. We know the Democrats look longingly back to their forty years of untrammelled power as the result of the Great Depression. And today, we hear The One saying, “The only thing we have to fear …” Most of America is now so ignorant of our History that they probably think that these are the words and ideas of The One.

So, we have an economic crisis that came from almost nowhere, does not appear to be rational, and which does not respond to rational measures to correct it. We have a massive, concerted effort to assure that there will be large numbers of fraudulent votes. We have a massive, concerted effort to attempt to assure that huge numbers of new, mostly young, and mostly abysmally uninformed voters will vote and vote for The One and nebulous notions of change. We have a concerted effort by the MSM to make sure that the masses hear no evil about The One and hear nothing at all from the Republicans. And we have a candidate in Barack Obama who is a close to a true Manchurian Candidate as the real world can provide.

I know I’m paranoid. I’m just starting to wonder if I’m paranoid enough.