BHO tries to be a manly man.

BHO’s usual demeanor is the glib, snide condescension of the Lefty professor or lawyer. He is ABOVE actually engaging with lower forms of life whether in an intellectual exchange or in a fist fight. That persona worked for him in the Democrat Primary debates. Even with Hillary Clinton, he sneered as much as he debated and when he debated, she usually won. That said, he maintained the snide, smooth, metrosexual, Rush calls them castrati, persona.

Tonight, he clearly tried to be manly as he understands manly against Sen. McCain. It was clear that the overarching message he wanted to communicate was, “I’m not afraid of you.” I think he was over-agressive at times, and clearly so did Sen. McCain; there were lots of clinched teeth moments for McCain and it was pretty clear that something along the lines of, “listen you snot-nosed punk” would have been his preferred response several times.

McCain was McCain; he’s comfortable in his skin and he is a manly man. Obama puffed himself up and tried to walk up to the Alpha Dog without his tail involuntarily drooping. I didn’t buy it, and I don’t think people who think like me bought it, but the interesting question is how did the Lefties and the Wymyn react to it? This was not “their” Obama! Lefty men fear men like John McCain; he might hit them, he might even have a gun. Wymyn viscerally hate men like John McCain; he might want to keep the baby or, God forbid, discipline the brat she whelped by some casual fling. Tonight, Obama tried to, I think had to, act like John McCain, a really old, really traditional manly man. It’s not the kind of thing that will show up in polls quickly if at all, but it is the kind of thing that Obama supporters will feel.

No Obama supporter is going to switch sides over this, but I’m convinced some will lose their ardor. From here on out, Obama has to go toe to toe with John McCain; he can’t do castrati metrosexual and survive that. He can’t even survive against Sarah Palin, or the women who like her, and do that. It will be interesting to see how the Obama disciples react to the transformation of their messiah. He became the Obamessiah by very fashionably wearing the trappings of the Lefty metrosexual culture. He can’t do that anymore; he has to become the manly man that his disciples are conditioned to hate.