Tomorrow's anti-Palin Headline

Apparently in addressing some rally yesterday she said something like … a large unit of the Alaska National Guard is being deployed to Iraq and my son is one of them … not quoted because it’s a paraphrase but that’s the gist. Anyway, her son and his unit are regular Army, not AK Guard. The Anchorage Daily News is reporting it on their blog but not in the main paper – yet. Since she’s so popular here, they’ve held their fire preferring to just pick up the bad things that other McClatchy papers or the NYT and WaPo say about her. They’ll pound her over this one since the “commands the ANG” stuff is already out there.

Everyone in America should have to listen to a recording of themselves or read a transcript. Only the very best advocates and speakers can go 15 minutes without some sort of misstatement or grammatical or syntactic screwup. Yet anytime a politician does it, it’s front page above the fold.

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