Palin's Trooper Question Gets Serious

OK, from an insider’s perspective the Palin Administration hasn’t covered itself with glory in this but the Governor herself does not appear to have done anything improper – not real smart politically, but not violating anything.

But now we have a lovely smackdown from the Attorney General. Sen. Kim Elton, (D-Juneau) and “my” senator, who heads the Legislative Committee and his Democrat buddy from Anchorage, Sen. French, who was tasked to head the investigation have run their mouths a lot, especially French. They chose an investigator, a former State prosecutor, whose wife once worked for the dismissed Public Safety Commissioner who played kiss and tell to start all this.

Now I love irony and there is a delicious irony in the fact that Elton is inarguably the most liberal member of the Alaska Senate and the Assistant AG who wrote this smackdown letter starts it out by accusing him of McCarthyism. And it isn’t just an idle or purely political accusation. Alaska’s Constitution was written by a bunch of New Deal Era Democrats in the mid-fifties, hard on the heels of the McCarthy investigations. There is an explicit guarantee of fairness and due process in legislative investigations. The link to the AG’s letter to Elton is in this piece of the Anchorage Daily News’ political blog; I couldn’t find a separate link for the letter alone. Read and enjoy: http://community.adn.com/adn/node/131034